Private Practice

Private Practice

Private Practice is a CDI community of interest for independent practitioners

The aim of the community of interest is to provide a forum for discussions related to the work we do, the issues we face and to provide an opportunity to network and collaborate.


A vibrant community of career professionals working in the private sector. A place for them to network, share best practice, learn about each other, start collaborations and add value to the CDI.

  • To provide information and professional development in its broadest sense for career professionals working in the private sector
  • To provide feedback to the Chief Executive / Board on what members in the private sector would like to see the CDI providing for them
  • To act as a sounding board for the CE on issues relating to private practice members
  • To attract new members to join the CDI

To take part in this community, sign up through the dedicated LinkedIn group. Membership is open to all CDI Members who work independently or have an interest in becoming an independent career coach or consultant.