Key Education and Skills Data

22 09.16
  • The Department for Education released data showing that the proportion of people leaving college without a long-term place in education or employment has dropped to four per cent.
  • The National Audit Office published a report recommending that the Government’s plans for 3 million new apprenticeships in England by 2020 be tailored to meet existing skills gaps, rather than focusing on how many apprenticeships are created.
  • ONS figures published following a Freedom of Information request from Frank Field, Chair of the Commons Work and Pensions Committee, showed that 29 per cent of graduates are now earning less per hour than the average worker who has completed an apprenticeship.
  • UK universities fell in world rankings. The fall was blamed on uncertainty over research funding and immigration rules following Brexit. Cambridge dropped out of the top three for the first time in the rankings’ 12 year history.