Sixth Form Colleges need investment to survive

08 09.15

The Sixth Form Colleges Association (SFCA) has published a report warning that the sector needs investment in order to survive, pointing to rising class sizes and fears voiced by seven out of 10 principals warning that they will be unable to provide young people with a quality education based on current funding allocations. In total, 96 per cent of principals said they were either ‘extremely concerned’ or ‘concerned” about the financial health of their college.

The report questions the Government’s intentions towards sixth form colleges, warning that they want to expand provision at schools and academies despite sixth form colleges performing better, including at educating disadvantaged students. A Department for Education spokesman said they had ‘ended the unfair difference between post-16 schools and colleges by funding them per student rather than discriminating between qualifications’ and pointed to increased support ‘for those who successfully study four or more A-levels and large TechBacc programmes’.