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Shamim Khan writes on the diversity resources available on the CDI website

14 05.21

When I landed my first job in the careers service after graduation, I felt honoured and privileged to be working with young people from different backgrounds in providing careers, education, information, advice, and guidance on education, training, and employment opportunities. My career evolved further when I started providing careers and training to women and understanding the barriers and difficulties they encountered in order to progress.

I have worked in careers for the past twenty-seven years both in career guidance and careers education with many different groups: school pupils, young people, adults, undergraduates, and postgraduates. I have successfully worked with professionals offering learning and training opportunities and career guidance to enable them to move to their next stage in their work and life cycle.

As an individual from the BAME community, I have faced many forms of discrimination and institutional oppression and have always felt the need to work twice as hard than other colleagues in being recognised and gaining opportunities in my career. We are now in the 21st century, and unfortunately, even though we have had a breakthrough with equality legislations and polices, the BAME community still faces many barriers and issues. Black Lives Matter aims to work in peace and solidarity in asserting that individuals from the BAME community are treated as equal.

The CDI is also seeking to influence and give a voice to individuals from the BAME community and is prioritising conversations around diversity, inclusion, and bias and how we address these topics in our professional practice. I was therefore pleased to be given the opportunity to compile the Equality and Diversity resources for the CDI and advise the Chief Executive on current best practices and trends in diversity and inclusion.

You can look at the resources on the CDI website, ‘Diversity Resources’ It provides some useful key resources. However, it is not only the CDI or myself that can be a resource; we require your ideas and suggestions. Please send any high-quality, open access resources that you would like to share to me at

I aim to provide advice on practices and on creating a voice within the organisation on diversity, inclusion and equality as well as promoting positive action, interventions, and support for members. However, this cannot be done without your help and support and I cannot stress the importance of making the diversity resource section beneficial for all to use. I would like to acknowledge and celebrate diversity and inclusivity through the CDI website by promoting useful resources, articles, training sessions, organised events that will enable and equip guidance professionals to access and use within their practice.

Together we can make a difference! I look forward to hearing from you.


This article was originally published in the January 2021 edition of Career Matters