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New survey shows for the first time a link between engagement with the world of work and attainment in primary schools

11 09.17

A new survey published this month by the charity Education and Employers (PDF) found that 90% of primary school teachers thought that engaging children with employers/employees and the world of work has an impact on their academic achievement. Further research has shown that volunteers from the world of work can help children to see the relevance of the things they are learning and how they open up possibilities later in life. If children see the opportunities their learning can give them then they are more likely to have higher and broader aspirations. Other findings include:

  1. In schools with more than the national average of pupils receiving free school meals (commonly used as an indicator of disadvantage),girls are more likely to experience positive impacts from engagement with employers/employees and the world of work than boys, teachers believe.
  2. Overall, primary school teachers thought that girls are nearly 50% more likely to receive positive impacts than boys.

Access the full findings here.