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New careers resource for ambitious school leavers to help struggling economy

29 01.13

AllAboutSchoolLeavers Logo 200x150pxDigitalWith the eye-popping price of tuition fees and the worry of graduate unemployment, ambitious school leavers are thinking of new ways to jumpstart their careers without going to university. One path that has emerged recently is the ‘school leaver programme’, and these “high school graduate schemes” are tipped to explode in 2013.

In response to this exciting development in the job market, the team behind has created, a website with jobs and careers information which is dedicated to educating young people about school leaver programmes, apprenticeships and other genuine alternatives to university.

Dr Deirdre Hughes OBE, chair of the National Careers Council, explains that young people not being guided to the right destinations could lead to a “potential loss of £28 billion to the economy.”[1] As Jack Denton, co-founder of, explains, “If young people are more educated about their choices, they will become more employable, which will reduce youth unemployment and ultimately help the economy recover from recession.” also aims to be an invaluable resource for school teachers who, due to statutory guidelines released by the Department of Education in 2011, have a legal obligation to provide information on the full range of post-16 options, including school leaver programmes and apprenticeships. This need is even more pressing given that the most recent report from the Department of Education states that “awareness and resources about apprenticeships in schools and colleges are lacking” and that there is an “apparent shortfall in teachers' knowledge of apprenticeships.” [2]

As Jack Denton, further explains, “Schools are under significant pressure from the government to adhere to specific guidelines. Simultaneously, students are anxious to find out about all the options available to them – meets both those needs.”