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National Skills Fund - Consultation Feedback Opportunity

13 08.21

Starting from April 2021, the government is investing £2.5 billion through the National Skills Fund, a critical step towards the Lifetime Skills Guarantee and the ambition for people to be able to train, retrain and upskill throughout their lives in response to changing skills needs and employment patterns. 

National Skills Fund investment will help adults to gain the valuable skills they need to improve their job prospects. It will also support the immediate economic recovery and future skills needs by putting employers at the heart of the system and boosting the supply of skills that they require. 

The National Skills Fund have already had a good representation and attendance at the events hosted so far. Considering the impact of the summer holidays, the next scheduled consultation event originally planned for 11th August has been postponed to give more time for adults or those working with adults to sign up and take part. The event will now take place on 24th August at 16.30-18.00.

How to answer the consultation and get involved

The National Skills Fund are seeking views on their current funded offers, and also views on meeting critical skills needs. Their target audience is not just researchers, they're also interested to hear from careers practitioners and clients about where to invest the funds in the future.

Please use the links below to respond to the National Skills Fund consultation through the online system. 

If you are unable to use the online system, for example because you use specialist accessibility software that is not compatible with the system, you may download a pdf version of the consultation document and email or post your response.

They are also offering online consultation feedback events as another way for stakeholders to provide their views.  You can find out more information about these events and book to attend through the link below;

Online Survey - Closes 17 Sep 2021

NSF Consultation Feedback Event 3 - Invidividuals

NSF Consultation Feedback Event 4 - Open to Anybody

Why are the NSF consulting

The National Skills Fund will help adults gain valuable skills and improve their job prospects. It will also support the immediate economic recovery and future skills-needs by boosting the supply of skills that employers need.

They have already used this investment to fund two evidence-based offers as part of the Lifetime Skills Guarantee. In future years, they intend to build upon the solid foundations of the first year of funding to drive even better results. This consultation therefore seeks views on three areas: i) Free qualifications for adults; ii) Skills Bootcamps, and iii) Meeting critical skill needs.