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Manifesto for the General Election 2017

23 05.17

Just ahead of the Conservative Party, the Career Development Institute (CDI) launched its own manifesto comprising eight major proposals which, when implemented, will promote a step change in careers advice and guidance for young people and adults. The CDI has always lobbied on the position that the National Careers Service should be reconstituted as a truly all-age, lifelong career development service but this manifesto takes these ideas to the next level.

CDI President Virginia Isaac says: “The service must be accessible to everyone, not just those in certain targeted groups, and implemented at a local level. Following the aims of the recent government’s Industrial Strategy Green Paper, we recognise the value of strengthening adult education and workforce training: alongside this there must be a good match between the skills that individuals develop and the demands of the labour market. To have the necessary impact these changes must start in schools and colleges with the creation of a careers leader in every school and career guidance provided by qualified, labour market savvy career advisers.”

When asked about improving services for young adults in training, those in employment and adult workers she added: “In the post Brexit world we know that individuals are likely to have over ten different jobs and several changes of occupation in their working lives. To remain economically competitive and guard the precious mental health and physical wellbeing of the nation, we need to introduce publically funded structures that facilitate easy access to career development services.”

In its manifesto the CDI advocates that career guidance must be accessible throughout our working lives because careers in the twenty-first century require lifelong support. Endless reports have evidenced that current services for young people remain patchy. Indeed the outgoing government has acknowledged the weakness of the current provision by promising to publish a comprehensive strategy for careers later this year.

The current adult service is not adequately resourced to reach all adults who could use its services and for too long has suffered a focus on outcome funding measures, limited to short term goals rather than longer term career development and economic prosperity. The CDI believes that career development is a public good and should be funded as such.

The eight proposals in the manifesto seek to put right these deficiencies by outlining actions which will support lifelong career development for all by providing careers services that work for everyone.




Additional information


  1. The Career Development Institute is the UK-wide professional body for the career development sector. Its 5,000 members are career advisers, career teachers, career leaders, career coaches and career consultants working in the public, private, voluntary and community sectors.
  1. The CDI was established in April 2013 and brought together four previous bodies operating in the career development sector.
  1. Lifelong career development for all: careers services that work for everyone can also be accessed through the CDI website –

The manifesto proposals in summary:

  • The current National Careers Service should be reconstituted into a truly all-age career development service
  • All adults should have access to a mid-life career review
  • All careers advisers should be professionally qualified
  • All schools should be encouraged to adopt the Gatsby benchmarks of good practice and be required to achieve the Quality in Careers Standard
  • The statutory duty to include careers education in the curriculum should be reinstated and extended to age 18
  • All schools should be encouraged to appoint a careers leader
  • Career development co-ordinators should be appointed in all local areas, to support schools and careers leaders
  • The Government should initiate a campaign to improve the prestige of careers guidance


  1. For more information about the work and role of the CDI visit the website or contact the Chief Executive Jan Ellis –

      5. You can download a PDF copy of this press release through the CDI website