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Inspiring Your CPD - March 2019

15 03.19

Why do we do what we do?

The Resources area of the CDI website is in the final stages of re-design and will re-launch at the end of March. This offers an opportunity for us to step back from accessing many resources, and instead take a reflective moment to address the question above.

Activities here are simply ideas and are not compulsory. You can choose to do some, all or none; it won’t affect your membership of the CDI whether you take up these ideas or not, although they do reflect good practice.

If you are on the Register then undertaking 25 hours of CPD each year is a condition of your registration. If you are a member then undertaking CPD helps you to adhere to the Continuous Professional Development principle in the CDI Code of Ethics.

Each month, we will suggest CPD activities which will allow you to explore a topic, interact with others and create a reflective record in the Members’ Area of the CDI website. Simply choose the items and activities that suit your role and your style.

All the resources mentioned, and many more, are also accessible with direct links from the CPD Resources area of the Members’ Area of the CDI website.

Please note: the area of the CDI website that contains the Register and CPD records and resources is undergoing development work. All members will be advised when the site becomes fully operational.


Why do we do what we do?

When ‘big questions’ like this come to mind, those of us in the world of career development can guess that careers guru Bill Law has already been there. It is two years since Bill was awarded the CDI’s Lifetime Achievement award, and despite his death soon afterwards, his work has continued vibrancy for us.

Philosophies of careers work offers a worksheet for you to address that ‘why?’ question to yourself. Bill suggests that you think of a specific situation – preparing a funding proposal; writing an article/essay; applying for job – and contextualise your answers in that practical way. Indeed, you can use the worksheets several times from different personal viewpoints to gain a deeper understanding of how you are responding to the work priorities in different aspects of your role.

This is also an exercise which could underpin useful peer discussion. All such activity can be recorded as CPD as soon as the website is re-launched.


Digging deeper

Superficial was never enough for Bill. The above work can be taken further in an article in the NICEC Journal, or a longer monograph extracted from Bill’s Career Café website, which is still hosted by his family so that we all have continuing access to these and many other writings (see ).


Career, career education, and social justice

The next reflective item comes to us courtesy of Dr Barrie Irving and his contribution at an International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance (IAEVG) conference. In this amalgam of slides and notes, Barrie addresses questions such as ‘Should career education develop critical reflection on the world?’ and ‘Can a social justice framework sit alongside impartiality?’


Are you thriving, striving, or just about surviving?

In 2018, the RSA published Thriving, striving, or just about surviving? Seven portraits of economic security and modern work in the UK. We read much about AI and workplace change, but this report asks us to reflect on the impact of the workplace on individual lives.


Using our LinkedIn groups

The CDI has a number of LinkedIn groups for members, which are a good place for discussing professional development issues and personal dilemmas with other members. Existing groups are:

National groups Northern Ireland | Scotland | Wales

Community of Interest groups Careers Education | Independent Coaches and Consultants | Learning Difficulties and Disabilities | HE Advisers | Research. Visit the Communities of Interest.


Recording and reflecting on CPD

Remember that reading, talking and reflecting all count towards your CPD hours as long as you write a short reflective report in your CPD Record.

Accessing the Members’ Area in order to record your CPD – see the note above about the temporary restriction to recording your CPD.

 For any questions relating to CPD Recording please contact:


Dr Lyn Barham
Project Associate (Research)

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