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Inspiring Your CPD - February 2018

23 02.18


This month the newsletter addresses the topical subject of leadership, with a dual focus on the Career Leader role in schools and colleges, and the changes in thinking about leadership for career development in employing organisations

Activities here are simply ideas and are not compulsory. You can choose to do some, all or none; it won’t affect your membership of the CDI whether you take up these ideas or not, although they do reflect good practice.

If you are on the Register then undertaking 25 hours of CPD each year is a condition of your registration.

If you are a member then undertaking CPD helps you to adhere to the Continuous Professional Development principle in the CDI Code of Ethics.

Each month, we will suggest CPD activities which will allow you to explore a topic, interact with others and create a reflective record in the Members’ Area of the CDI website. Simply choose the items and activities that suit your role and your style.

All the resources mentioned, and many more, are also accessible with direct links from the CPD Resources area of the Members’ Area of the CDI website. Resources are arranged according to the National Occupational Standards: Career Development (NOS: CD).

Resources related to leadership are in;

NOS10: Lead and manage career development in an organization

NOS14: Plan and design the service offer


New: Career Leaders in schools and colleges

Following publication of the Careers Strategy in December 2017, Career Leader is now a specific, designated title within the staffing of schools and colleges. If you are school-based, or provide services to schools or colleges, you need to understand the requirement, which is explained in Statutory Guidance for schools (January 2018) and separately for colleges (February 2018).

The government will publish a detailed specification of the role by September 2018, the month by which institutions must have a Career Leader in place. To assist institutions in planning for the role, the CDI has published two versions of a possible job description.

The CDI Academy Training page of the CDI website provides details of the units and evidence that make up the CDI Certificate in Careers Leadership. While this material is primarily provided to inform those planning to follow the certificate course, it could also be used for self-evaluation by anyone embarking on related work.

Finally, the CDI is updating the Framework for careers, employability and enterprise education 7 – 19 (2015). This will be available in March 2018.


CDI members lead the way

Our members have been active in recent weeks, and offer useful resources relevant to the Careers Strategy.

Janet Colledge (Careers Defender) offers a 25-minute audio and slide presentation, with transcript; it’s geared towards senior school staff and governors but a useful summary for everyone. It is available on the National Careers Week website.

Liz Reece responds to the reference to careers work in primary schools with a summary of the value of careers work with primary school pupils: research and resources.


Leaders – and leadership

The tasks of the Career Leader may be distinctive, but the capacity to lead draws on generic capabilities. The CIPD’s Leadership in the workplace offers an overview of current thinking about leadership and management. (Registration is necessary to access materials, but is free of charge.)

The art and science of leadership (Don Clark) includes a wealth of material about leadership styles and approaches, often offering contrasting models to allow you to contemplate what is appropriate to your organisation and yourself.


From the HE setting

The Careers Group of the University of London runs a blog in which their staff offer a good deal of thought-provoking material for students, graduates, and for other professional staff. A number of posts address questions of leadership.



Many things have a flip side. In Followership: the other side of leadership the author explores the qualities of followership, and through this reverse lens offers a different insight into leadership too.


Popular on TED talks

Leadership is, predictably, a topic that has been covered in many TED talks.  There is a curated list of five of the most popular, viewed millions of times, at Playlist: tips for inclusive leadership. Topics covered include how to inspire action, women leaders, overcoming biases, and leading in times of constant change.


Using our LinkedIn groups

The CDI has a LinkedIn group for all members, and groups that are relevant for each home nation and for the Community of Interest groups. Start (or contribute to) a discussion; keep contributing for several days.

National groups Northern Ireland | Scotland | Wales

Community of Interest groups Careers Education | Independent Coaches and Consultants | Learning Difficulties and Disabilities | HE Advisers | Research. Visit the Communities of Interest.


Recording and reflecting on CPD

Remember that reading, talking and reflecting all count towards your CPD hours as long as you write a short reflective report in the My CPD section of your ‘My Portfolio’ record.


Useful Tips

Accessing the Members’ Area in order to record your CPD

To access this area click Login (at the top of the screen) and use your Members’ Area username (your email address) and password. Then click on Members’ Area, and choose Professional Register which includes the CPD Resources area and your personal CPD record. You can also access the Register directly by using the Professional Register link on the home page.

In September 2017 we launched an updated version of this part of the site which now provides a CPD recording system which is much easier to use.

The site includes the facility to Request a new password. Remember that for the system to work well, you need to keep your details up to date and ensure that CDI emails are not directed to your spam box.

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