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Inspiring Your CPD - April 2019

26 04.19

The CDI website – a rich resource

Normally this Newsletter focuses on the CPD Resources area of the CDI website, but there is so much more! Take a look at the ideas below.

CPD Newsletters offer ideas, not compulsory activities. Just remember that undertaking 25 hours of CPD each year is a condition of registration for Registered Career Development Professionals. For all members, undertaking CPD meets the principle in the CDI Code of Ethics relating to professional development.

Choose items and activities – here or elsewhere – that suit your role and your style so that you can explore a topic, interact with others and create a reflective record in the Members’ Area of the CDI website


Briefing papers

The CDI works with members and others to produce briefing papers on subjects that are topical and relevant to our field. Recently, the adequacy of mental health services for young people has received considerable media attention. The questions this raises for career development and the possible responses are explored in The impact of career guidance on the mental well-being of young people (Pete Robertson for CDI, 2019). The paper concludes with a summary of aspects of our work that are conducive to promoting well-being.


Code of Ethics, and links to legislation

An occasional, reflective re-reading of the CDI’s Code of Ethics (updated in January 2019) would be good practice for us all. That web page also has a document cross-linking to legislation related to each principle, and other resources and good practice guides.


Quality assurance of career development interventions

Another valuable resource to underpin CPD activity is the two-part QA of career development interventions. This includes a proforma for observation of or self-reflection on interventions, and a useful guide to using the proforma in either of these ways. One recommendation is that practitioners arrange for at least one observation annually, with follow-up discussion with a qualified observer – a key contribution to reflective CPD.


Consultations and responses

The CDI responds on behalf of members to a range of consultation documents, including those about government policy. A recent example is the response to the Ofsted Education inspection framework 2019. If your work involves schools, then reading this consultation and the CDI response is a CPD activity.


News, news … and more news

Members rate the CDI’s News by Email as one of the most useful benefits of membership. (Reading them is – of course – a CPD activity.) These updates are, inevitably, ephemeral in our busy in-boxes. However the most important items are added to the website’s News and Resources page, where you can often retrieve an item that you remember reading a few weeks ago … but the detail has become hazy as yet more news overtook it.


News briefings

The CDI has also been active in ensuring the best and most current information is available to members. An example is T Levels, for which the CDI has arranged a series of quarterly briefings which are written by the DfE for CDI members


CPD Resource area

The CPD resource area is now available. Integration into the main web structure means that we have many enhancements, but a few changes to the layout and functionality. Log in through the Members’ Area and take a look at how to access resources in this new layout.


Recording and reflecting on CPD – new web area now open

The CPD recording area is also now open, and has a smarter look to the screens where you record CPD activity and your reflective reports. Access is through Your CPD diary > in the CPD Area.

Reading, talking and reflecting on topics and resources such as those above all count towards your CPD hours as long as you write a short reflective report in your CPD Record. It would be timely to undertake some small (or large!) CPD activity and then explore the new way of recording what you have just done.

If you have any issues with the new pages please email and we will be able to sort these out for you.


Using our LinkedIn groups

The CDI has a number of LinkedIn groups for members, which are a good place for discussing professional development issues and personal dilemmas with other members. Existing groups are:

National groups Northern Ireland | Scotland | Wales

Community of Interest groups Careers Education | Independent Coaches and Consultants | Learning Difficulties and Disabilities | HE Advisers | Research. Visit the Communities of Interest.


For any questions relating to CPD Recording please contact:

Dr Lyn Barham,
Project Associate (Research)

(If you have any questions relating to this email please contact