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Inspiring Your CPD - April 2018

26 04.18

Thinking digitally

Early in 2018  the CDI published its digital strategy. This covers the vision for digital working and the capabilities which all of those operating in the career development sector require to function in an increasingly digital world. It is about embedding digital literacy and approaches in every aspect of our work.

This month we are encouraging CPD that is focused on becoming aware of the strategy, and planning how we each as individuals will enhance our capability.

Activities here are simply ideas and are not compulsory. You can choose to do some, all or none; it won’t affect your membership of the CDI whether you take up these ideas or not, although they do reflect good practice.

If you are on the Register then undertaking 25 hours of CPD each year is a condition of your registration.

If you are a member then undertaking CPD helps you to adhere to the Continuous Professional Development principle in the CDI Code of Ethics.

Each month, we will suggest CPD activities which will allow you to explore a topic, interact with others and create a reflective record in the Members’ Area of the CDI website. Simply choose the items and activities that suit your role and your style.

All the resources mentioned, and many more, are also accessible with direct links from the CPD Resources area of the Members’ Area of the CDI website. Resources are arranged according to the National Occupational Standards: Career Development (NOS:CD).


2017 Conference presentations

Nicki Moore, a key player in developing the CDI’s digital strategy, gave a review of the strategy.

Sarah Finnegan-Dehn offered a view from Wales, which includes indications of developments in Wales, and how digital and more traditional approaches will intermesh.

Ruth Winden examined the opportunities and challenges of ‘going digital’ for independent career practitioners.

All three presentations are available as Keynote 4 amongst the Annual Conference 2017 – Resources


NICEC Journal issue 29 (2012)

This issue addressed the theme: Digital technologies in career education and guidance. NICEC Fellows have kindly made the issue available free of charge to CDI members.


CDI webinars

Two webinars in the near future address digital issues:

  • 30 April 2018 16.00-17.00 : Digital Career Management
  • 25 May 2018 12.30-13.30: Independent career development practitioners and GDPR – are you legal?

Book your place for these free webinars via the CDI website here

The CDI digital strategy is wide-ranging. This newsletter focuses on two aspects which are essential for all practitioners:

  1. Understand the impact of digital technology on the economy
  2. Address any issues of social inequality that the rise of digital technology might introduce


2020 – just two years away

Future Work Skills 2020 looks at 6 drivers for change (spoiler: 5 of them are digital) and 10 impacts they will have on the work skills that our clients, and we ourselves, will need. US-based but globally applicable.



Skills Development Scotland offers a collection of three YouTube Future Jobs and Industry videos, addressing the speed of change, embracing change, and thriving in the future


Current research – counting five

Short, topical research articles from universities explain to us 5 ways artificial intelligence will shape the future of universities, and 5 reasons why robots won’t take over the world


Digital inclusion

Along with development of the Government digital inclusion strategy in 2014, there is a Checklist for digital inclusion. Both documents are now a bit dated, but still contain many useful standards and pointers relevant to career development practice.


A digital inclusion overview

20 ways of thinking about digital inclusion was a Guardian newspaper chat panel. Whilst the focus was higher education, the underlying principles introduced by contributors will have wide applicability in career development work.


Disability and digital inclusion

A timely reminder that Disability Rights UK is a rich source of information by and for people with disabilities, covering independent living and career development. Stop press: if you’re speedy, DR UK is offering a free webinar on 30th April at 4pm entitled Top tips for careers advisers working in education


Using our LinkedIn groups

The CDI has a number of LinkedIn groups for members. A new group supporting the CDI digital strategy will be established soon. If you are interested in helping to run this group, please contact . For everyone, watch for announcement of the new group in the CDI News by Email. Existing groups are:

National groups Northern Ireland | Scotland | Wales

Community of Interest groups Careers Education | Independent Coaches and Consultants | Learning Difficulties and Disabilities | HE Advisers | Research. Visit the Communities of Interest.


Recording and reflecting on CPD

Remember that reading, talking and reflecting all count towards your CPD hours as long as you write a short reflective report in the My CPD section of your ‘My Portfolio’ record.


Useful Tips

Accessing the Members’ Area in order to record your CPD

To access this area click Login (at the top of the screen) and use your Members’ Area username (your email address) and password. Then click on Members’ Area, and choose Professional Register which includes the CPD Resources area and your personal CPD record. You can also access the Register directly by using the Professional Register link on the home page.

In September 2017 we launched an updated version of this part of the site which now provides a CPD recording system which is much easier to use.

The site includes the facility to Request a new password. Remember that for the system to work well, you need to keep your details up to date and ensure that CDI emails are not directed to your spam box.

For any questions relating to CPD Recording please contact:


Dr Lyn Barham,

Project Associate (Research)

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