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Inspiring Your Continuous Professional Development - October 2022

31 10.22

Welcome to the CPD Newsletter for October 2022

CPD is important. It is central to our commitment to serve our clients well. CPD activity meets one of the principles of the CDI Code of Ethics for all CDI members. If you are also on the UK Register of Career Development Professionals there is a 25 hours per year requirement for undertaking and writing a short reflective report in your CPD Record.

Each monthly CPD newsletter focuses on a topic, and provides some suggestions for CPD activities, with links so that you can access or book the activity quickly.

This month: the great resignation, quiet quitting, ‘good work’ and ethical practice

Only the ill-informed think that career guidance is easy, but few outside the profession understand quite the complexity of issues that arise as we seek to help people find satisfaction and dignity in their working lives. This month’s newsletter takes a look at some of the cross-currents that impact our endeavours.


The ‘folk theory’ of careers

In a NICEC lecture in 2009, Phil Hodkinson roundly refuted the utilitarian ‘folk theory’ as expounded by Bennett (1992) who stated: ‘We assume that, knowing their capacities and other personal characteristics, individuals form an estimate of expected earnings resulting from each education, training and labour market option, and, taking into account their taste for each, choose the stream which offers the greatest net utility’. Hodkinson demolishes such assumptions, talking instead of ‘young people going through complex decision-making processes that were at odds with those assumptions’. 

You can access this article (issue 21, Winter 2009) and the entire store of NICEC Journals since 2000 in the new open access site. And, very topically, the article that follows it starts with a reference to Robbie Coltrane, who died this week.


The ‘great resignation’

Surveys suggest around a quarter of the workforce plan to change their employment. That suggests a significant number of people, of all ages, who might seek help with planning their next career step. The PWC Global Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey 2022 examines what employees are seeking in their employment and, for CDI members working with organisations, offers pointers on how to help them retain their staff.



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