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Inspiring Your Continuous Professional Development - November 2022

30 11.22

Welcome to the CPD Newsletter for October 2022

CPD is important. It is central to our commitment to serve our clients well. CPD activity meets one of the principles of the CDI Code of Ethics for all CDI members. If you are also on the UK Register of Career Development Professionals there is a 25 hours per year requirement for undertaking and writing a short reflective report in your CPD Record.

Each monthly CPD newsletter focuses on a topic, and provides some suggestions for CPD activities, with links so that you can access or book the activity quickly.

This month: age-diverse workplaces

This newsletter is delivered in National Older Workers Week (21-25 November 2022). Rather than highlight one age group, the focus for this newsletter is the benefits of multigenerational workgroups. As with any aspect of inclusion and diversity, an age-diverse workforce brings benefits as long as it is valued and well-managed.

But first …

If you want to catch any of the events in National Older Workers Week, take a quick look here. Otherwise, make a visit when you have time, and find a host of personal stories offering case studies of successes and challenges in long working lives 


Generativity – two quotes 

Generativity ‘concerns individuals’ productive contribution to organizations and society and the transmission of skills, knowledge, and values between individuals and generations’ (Clark & Arnold 2008). And … ‘people, as they get older, increasingly perceive their time left in life as limited and this leads them to gradually prioritize emotionally meaningful goals’.

The second quote is from an open access article by Doerwald et al (2021) which starts with a detailed exploration of the notion of generativity, and its importance in multigenerational workplaces.


Reverse mentoring

BBC Worklife offers a useful overview of this concept, stressing that it is not just “tech” focused, but more broadly encompassing varied viewpoints and attitudes, particularly related to equality, diversity and inclusion. Put simply, two-way mentoring supports ‘old-fashioned ideas of mutual understanding and respect’.



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