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Inspiring Your Continuous Professional Development - May 2022

26 05.22

Welcome to the CPD Newsletter for May 2022

Finding time in our busy professional lives for CPD can often be a challenge. This newsletter provides some suggestions for CPD activities and provides links so that you access or book the activity quickly.

Undertaking CPD meets one of the principles of the CDI Code of Ethics for all CDI members. If you are also on the UK Register of Career Development Professionals there is a 25 hours per year requirement of undertaking and writing a short reflective report in your CPD Record accessed through the landing page of the Members’ area.

This month: Sustainable development and livelihoods

Setting the stage for sustainability

A prerequisite for a satisfying career is a safe, secure and sustainable environment in which to develop. The UN Sustainable Development Goals guide the world in that direction. They require a response at every level, from nations to organisations to individuals. This newsletter explores some of the ways in which career development professionals can respond.

Setting the CDI’s response

Alongside last year’s conference theme on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Pete Robertson contextualised the SDGs to career development in a CDI Briefing Paper (December 2021). Pete argues for taking a wider view of the potential relevance of career development to the goals, with extensive references for his argument.

'The transforming role of career practitioners’

This title is from a section of the Erasmus+ funded course Career guidance for the 21st century. This free EU based course has been recommended by several CDI members. Especially relevant to our current topic is the section with this ‘transforming’ title, where the third chapter considers ‘how you can contribute individually and professionally to help build the world you want to live in’. 



For other insights and information on this topic please see the full CPD Newsletter in the members’ only CPD Resources section.