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Inspiring Your Continuous Professional Development - December 2019

16 12.19

Advocating for the career development sector

Be visible, vocal and valued! Words of our own Professional Development Manager Claire Johnson in Career Matters, April 2019. She adds: ‘Now is the time to be visible, vocal and valued for the fact that in uncertain times, professionally-delivered career development can make a huge difference to all of our clients’.

CPD Newsletters offer ideas, not compulsory activities. Just remember that undertaking 25 hours of CPD each year is a condition of registration for Registered Career Development Professionals. For all members, undertaking CPD meets the principle in the CDI Code of Ethics relating to professional development.

Choose items and activities – here or elsewhere – that suit your role and your style so that you can explore a topic, interact with others and create a reflective record in the Members’ Area of the CDI website


What can you do?

Advocating the value of professional career development services can take place at different levels. Colleagues in related professions often have only a hazy picture of what is special about our work. A CEDEFOP report (2009:19) identifies one aspect of professional competence as “making ‘the specific theories and specific methods of career guidance’ accessible to others, at an appropriate level of detail and complexity, and also aligning them with the existing professional competence frameworks of other professional groups, or with the perspectives and interests of other groups such as employers, parents and volunteers”. The following resources and examples may help you do that.


CDI Briefing papers

Briefing papers are a valuable resource to support members in making the case for and explaining the processes of career development. Those published this year include:

Understanding the role of the careers adviser within ‘personal guidance’ (Stewart, December 2019)

Developing a careers policy: a briefing for schools, special schools and colleges (Barnes, November 2019)

The impact of career guidance on the mental wellbeing of young people (Robertson, January 2019)

Download these from Reports and Resources on the CDI website.


Take to the air!

CDI member Erin Bartley from Skill Development Scotland provides an exemplar of engaging with broadcast media. She contributes throughout a  Radio 4 MoneyBox programme with explanations of opportunity structures and how career development can help 16 year olds decide their future route.

Denise Taylor of Amazing People is a CDI member and career coach who makes radio and TV input sound easy. Her website includes Denise on TV and Radio, where you can access several of her past experiences.

One of Denise’s messages to her clients is about networking, and that applies to advocating for career development too. Local radio stations are often on the lookout for local experts: make sure your local media know you are available!


Policy matters

The CDI advocates for the profession both by proactively contacting policy makers and by reactively responding to consultations. Papers and response documents are made available to members in Reports and Resources, and are a good source for arguments and bite-size nuggets for members to use in their own advocacy for the profession.


And after the election …

The CDI and partner organisations prepared a 5-point manifesto for use with candidates before the election. Now we all have either a new or a re-elected MP, and the manifesto still has currency. In the hope that our new MPs are in listening mode, why not organise a campaign with your colleagues? Each of you could send the manifesto to your MP and ask what action they will take to pursue it in parliament. Do let Jan Ellis know if you have any feedback.


Is this CPD?

We think so. Anything you do to extend your knowledge and skill in advocating for our professional work is an aspect of your own professional development. Just follow the advice below to enter a brief summary on your personal CPD record.


Using our LinkedIn groups – including a newer one!

Once again this newsletter features the wealth of professional knowledge within CDI membership. CDI has eight Community of Interest LinkedIn groups, which are a good place for discussing professional development issues and personal dilemmas with other members. A new, moderated Community of Practice for Career Leaders launched in September, so if your work includes school-based activities, it could be a useful community for you. An Older Worker group will be launched early in 2020.


Recording and reflecting on CPD

Access is through Your CPD diary > in the CPD Area.

Reading, talking and reflecting on topics and resources such as those above all count towards your CPD hours as long as you write a short reflective report in your CPD Record. If you haven’t yet used the re-vamped system, It would be timely to undertake some small (or large!) CPD activity and record what you have just done.


If you have any issues with the new pages please email and we will be able to sort these out for you.

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