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Inspiring Your Continuous Professional Development (CPD) - December 2022

22 12.22

Welcome to the CPD Newsletter for December 2022

CPD is important. It is central to our commitment to serve our clients well. CPD activity meets one of the principles of the CDI Code of Ethics for all CDI members. If you are also on the UK Register of Career Development Professionals there is a 25 hours per year requirement for undertaking and writing a short reflective report in your CPD Record.

Each monthly CPD newsletter focuses on a topic, and provides some suggestions for CPD activities, with links so that you can access or book the activity quickly.

This month: age-diverse workplaces

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards" [Søren Kierkegaard]

Career development practitioners look both ways. They are alert to and listen for the stories that have shaped people until now. Inherent in their work is a belief that each individual future can be shaped. Some lives flow smoothly, but often we are more engaged with those where adversity or mischance creates turbulence that needs to be navigated to reach a livelihood that is satisfying for the person.


Shaped by learning and work – into later years

The British 1946 birth cohort study is wide-ranging. Amongst its findings is that cognitive function is not just about the mind – it helps to shape everyday skills, supports quality of life and ultimately predicts how long we live. Importantly, the level of cognitive performance can be potentially improved. Both education and occupation in midlife predict later cognition after taking account of childhood cognitive scores. In other words, level of education and type of occupation can positively affect cognitive performance in later life regardless of cognitive skills in early childhood.


The experience of childhood

News media tend to highlight adverse messages, not least about the experience of childhood. For a more detailed, nuanced and reliable look at the experiences and attitudes of teenagers today, try the Children’s Society’s Good Childhood Report 2022. Downward trends (school work, concern about the environment) are balanced by some positive trends, with interesting gender and social class differences. One aspect of school experience where we can play a significant role is in the low rating given by young people to the extent that they are ‘listened to’.



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