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Inspiring Your Continuous Professional Development - April 2022

13 05.22

Welcome to the CPD Newsletter for April 2022

Finding time in our busy professional lives for CPD can often be a challenge. This newsletter provides some suggestions for CPD activities and provides links so that you access or book the activity quickly.

Undertaking CPD meets one of the principles of the CDI Code of Ethics for all CDI members. If you are also on the UK Register of Career Development Professionals there is a 25 hours per year requirement of undertaking and writing a short reflective report in your CPD Record accessed through the landing page of the Members’ area.

This month: Everything digital

The CDI and its members have repeatedly addressed digital aspects of working, and the reasons for that are self-evident. This month’s newsletter scans the avalanche of recent activities, reports and writings, some of which you may have missed in your busy life.

'Digital' takes us worldwide

It is undoubtedly a benefit from increased digital delivery that we can access worldwide opportunities. A recent example is the Erasmus+ funded course Career guidance for the 21st century. It is a free EU based course, with several CDI members reporting on its value for their CPD.

Also ‘worldwide’ was the NICEC event launching the Oxford Handbook of Career Development (May 2021), with speakers from Australia, India and three European countries. The full event recording and the speakers’ slides remain available.

Digital in the future

Careers 2032 is described as an industry research project co-produced by AGCAS, ISE, Wonkhe and Handshake, looking at the careers sector of 2032 and the role technology could play in facilitating human connections. Ranging across employer engagement and recruitment, and how to develop hybrid delivery in the face of ‘digital fatigue, it is an insightful look at the necessary developments in HE careers services in the coming decade (this report requires sign-in, but is free of charge).


For other insights and information on this topic please see the full CPD Newsletter in the members’ only CPD Resources section.