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Delayed Funding Cuts and Dropped Apprenticeship FE Loans

15 01.14

Michael Gove suggests funding cut could be delayed

Education Secretary Michael Gove MP has suggested that he would consider having a look at delaying the 17.5% funding cut for 18 year olds, which is to be introduced in the next academic year to save £150m, until 2015. The announcement of the cut had drawn fierce criticism, with the AOC producing research that suggested students from disadvantaged areas, and from black, minority, and ethnic groups, will be worst hit.


Vince Cable confirms dropping of apprenticeship Further Education loans

Business Secretary Vince Cable MP has confirmed that the 24+ advanced learning loans system for apprenticeships is to be dropped. He said that non-apprenticeship loans would continue, but with only 404 applicants in seven months he accepted that the system had failed. David Hughes, chief executive of NIACE, said 'we have been calling this a 'failed' policy for some time and would like to congratulate the Government for recognising this and accepting they need to act, and to act swiftly'.