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CPD Monthly Newsletter July 2018

17 08.18

 Thinking personally

Last month, our title was ˜Thinking internationally". Now, with the summer break approaching, we have come right back home to encourage you to take the opportunity to focus on yourself, and your own personal development.

Activities here are simply ideas and are not compulsory. You can choose to do some, all or none; it won't affect your membership of the CDI whether you take up these ideas or not, although they do reflect good practice.

 If you are on the Register then undertaking 25 hours of CPD each year is a condition of your registration.

 If you are a member then undertaking CPD helps you to adhere to the Continuous Professional Development principle in the CDI Code of Ethics.

 Each month, we will suggest CPD activities which will allow you to explore a topic, interact with others and create a reflective record in the Members' Area of the CDI website. Simply choose the items and activities that suit your role and your style.

 All the resources mentioned, and many more, are also accessible with direct links from the CPD Resources area of the Members' Area of the CDI website. Most resources are arranged according to the National Occupational Standards: Career Development (NOS:CD).


CPD matters

The CDI's Professional Development Manager, Claire Johnson, spends her waking hours promoting this message. For a quick overview of why CPD matters, view Claire's presentation from a recent workshop.


Are you SOARing?

In their recent book, Claire and co-author Siobhan Neary proposed the SOARS model as a useful framework for thinking about your own CPD activities. Access the SOARS model here.


Objectives or dreams?

Often we are told that progress depends upon setting SMART objectives (see this animation) but a contrasting view is offered in a TED talk by a young woman who advocates dreaming big so as not to limit yourself.


Your plastic brain

Whether you've pursued the links above or undertaken other CPD, your brain has changed. Another TED talk explains how your own learning and behaviour is shaping your brain.


Dump your worry

This newsletter coincides with the time when many people will be winding down for a summer break. If that's you, it's timely to visit the Worry Tree“ to use before you depart and while you're on your break.


A summer break for the CPD Newsletter

The next CPD newsletter will be in September. We end this newsletter with a little reflection on what we have done and where we go next.


The CDI reflects on CPD

Claire's presentation encourages personal reflection, and also lists the monthly CPD Newsletter topics that we have covered in almost two years, since its inception. All the previous Newsletters remain available in the Members' Only area of the CDI website: log in and look at ˜Ideas for CPD activities".

The summer break makes it timely for us to reflect again on how well we have supported you, and what else we could do. At this time last year, we asked you in a survey: more than 2 in 3 of respondents accessed resources via the links, and also shared items with colleagues.  Several respondents suggested future topics; you can suggest a topic at any time by emailing Use the same address for any other feedback or suggestions.


Using our LinkedIn groups

The CDI has a number of LinkedIn group for members, which are a good place for discussing professional development issues and personal dilemmas with other members. Existing groups are:

National groups Northern Ireland | Scotland | Wales

Community of Interest groups Careers Education | Independent Coaches and Consultants | Learning Difficulties and Disabilities | HE Advisers | Research. Visit the Communities of Interest.


Recording and reflecting on CPD

Remember that reading, talking and reflecting all count towards your CPD hours as long as you write a short reflective report in the My CPD section of your ˜My Portfolio" record.


Useful Tips

Accessing the Members' Area in order to record your CPD

To access this area click Login (at the top of the screen) and use your Members' Area username (your email address) and password. Then click on Members' Area, and choose Professional Register which includes the CPD Resources area and your personal CPD record. You can also access the Register directly by using the Professional Register link on the home page.


The site includes the facility to Request a new password. Remember that for the system to work well, you need to keep your details up to date and ensure that CDI emails are not directed to your spam box.


For any questions relating to CPD Recording please contact:



Dr Lyn Barham,

Project Associate (Research)


(If you have any questions relating to this email please contact