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Challenge the Impossible – Improving schools careers provision

09 11.17

Teach First has launched a major report calling for every secondary school to have a trained careers leader. The report makes five recommendations: They propose that: all schools should have a trained careers leader; the Government should seed-fund the training of careers leaders; the training should involve some time out of school to work with other careers leaders; all school leaders should undertake training that equips them to play their part in delivering careers support; a range of different approaches to training should be available, including a higher apprenticeship route. 

The CDI supports all five proposals, and we are ready to play our part in making this happen.  We already offer the three unit, Level 6 CDI Certificate in Careers Leadership and we are supportive of a group of careers employers who re currently developing a higher apprenticeship for careers professionals. This route could be used by careers leaders and would enable schools to draw on funding through the Apprenticeship Levy.

Unhelpfully, the report refers to a ComRes survey statistic that says only a minority of young people found the advice given by careers advisers helpful. It is not clear who these ‘careers advisors’ were, or whether they were even qualified to give advice. We (the CDI) are absolutely clear that access to impartial careers guidance from qualified careers advisers must be at the heart of every school’s careers strategy. We are also clear that a member of the schools middle or senior leadership must have access to high quality training to develop and implement the school’s careers programme.