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#CDIBigListen: an update

29 10.21

Participate in the next #CDIBigListen Survey

We had a great response to the #CDIBigListen Survey that went out in July 2021, with over 550 members responding with their thoughts and opinions.

This first survey focused on members’ opinion of their membership, the services and support that we provide and how members perceive the CDI. The results have been summarised in the October 2021 edition of Career Matters and in the #CDIBigListen July 2021 summary.

The overall feedback was very positive, with strong support for the CDI and the services that we offer. It also identified some of the key areas where we need to do more: making it easier for members to be able to access and use our services, improving our digital capability and championing career development with the public and employers. These insights have fed into the development of the CDI’s 2025 Strategy as well as our plans to continue to drive greater benefit for members.

We will launch our next survey in November and we invite all CDI members to take part – we will send you an invitation to participate by email within the next few weeks. This second survey will focus on your experiences working in the career development profession; to understand the challenges and opportunities that you face and to gather your feedback on key issues.

Importantly, the survey will also look to capture pay scale information and salary trends from across the sector. We aim to get a clear view of the salary ranges for different job titles and functions, experience and qualifications, and different types of employment settings.

This information will be crucial in helping us to develop a campaign to raise the issue of fair pay within some areas of the career development sector.

For more information, please visit the #CDIBigListen webpage.