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CDI Launches 2019 Five-Point Manifesto

13 11.19

Ahead of the 2019 General Election, we have prepared a concise five point manifesto based around the following statement:

Every citizen should have the right to build a career that allows them to meet their own needs and the needs of their family and to make a positive contribution to society and the economy. The right to build a decent career should not be limited by an individual’s background. Government has an important role to play in ensuring that individuals can gain access to the support that they need to build and develop their careers throughout their lives.

To support this statement the next government should:

  1. Set out and implement a strategy for lifelong career development. 
  1. Start career education earlier. 
  1. Drive forward ‘Gatsby revolution’ that has been started in secondary schools and colleges. 
  1. Place career development at the heart of post-compulsory education. 
  1. Ensure that career development support is available to all young people, including those not in school or college, and to all adults both in work and those out of work.


We believe that a key aim of government should be to empower individuals to access decent work and build meaningful and productive careers. Where individuals are supported to build their careers there are benefits for the economy, society and the individual. For individuals, career development makes a positive contribution to earnings, wellbeing and enhanced quality of life. When skills and talents are valued and well used, productivity increases and employers and the whole of society gain.

We are asking members, individuals and organisations, of all political parties and none, to endorse the our statement and share and promote it with colleagues, stakeholders and your local parliamentary candidates. You can download the full paper here.

Please share this paper with any prospective parliamentary candidates you meet or who knock on your door. We are all working to raise awareness; improve coherence and achieve greater investment in the career development sector.

We have collaborated with major partners Careers England and iCeGS at the University of Derby to develop this manifesto.