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Vacancy for Project Associate (Scotland)

We are looking to appoint a Project Associate to work for two days a month, starting mid-January 2019 through to the end of March 2020, at which point the role will be reviewed. The key aims of the role are to increase the reach of the CDI and g...


Young people feel unprepared for working life

In a world of rapidly changing technological working environments and labour market structure, it is understandable that young people feel at a loss. Especially as the curriculum struggles to keep pace with providing a future-proof skillset. How...


The Budget

The budget sets out the government’s vision for developing new skills needed for the UK’s long-term prosperity and an economy fit for the future. In light of this, many people are angry about both the wording and the sentiment o...


New dates announced - CDI Certificate in Career Guidance Theory

New dates announced Opportunity to qualify to join the UK register of career development professionals : CDI certificate in career guidance theory  We are delighted to announce that we will be offering the CDI Certificate in Career Guidan...


Inspiring Your CPD - November 2018

The future of work: AI, robots, and soft skills You face the challenge of advising young people who may still be in the workforce in 2078. With crystal ball technology not well advanced, it falls to career professionals to read, update and cogi...