The CDI’s Nations and Regional Communities

The CDI’s Nations and Regional Communities ensure the CDI is fully reflective of all areas of the UK.

Their purpose is to develop the CDI membership in local communities, support networking and share learning, bringing professionals together across different areas of practice to share challenges and opportunities. 


Pete Robertson is the CDI Associate for Scotland, representing the CDI and liaising with members, partners and government institutions. Pete moderates the Career Development in Scotland [link] Facebook community, which is open to all CDI members in Scotland. Pete hosts regular online meetings with members in Scotland that feature expert speakers and discussion of key topics. Pete also encourages members to submit articles reflecting best practice in Scotland for the Career Matters magazine and contributes to the Scotland edition of the monthly News by Email. 

Find out more about the CDI’s presence and support for members in Scotland. 


Carolyn Parry is the CDI Associate for Wales. She has established a range of support specifically for members in Wales, including a regular Forum for key organisations in the Principality, the CDI Champions network with Career Wales, and CPD webinars. She also contributes to the Wales edition of the monthly News by Email, sources articles for the Career Matters magazine and encourages entries for the UK Career Development Awards; to ensure full representation of the work that takes place in Wales. 

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Northern Ireland 

The CDI hosts a Northern Ireland LinkedIn group for members living in or from Northern Ireland to connect. 

Regions of England 

The regional communities across England are run by a team of dedicated volunteer Regional Reps who engage local members. The Regional Reps hold regular regional meetings which both CDI members and non-members are encouraged to attend. They also carry out occasional surveys to gather views in their area. The Reps feedback from their region into the Professional Standards Committee, to regular meetings with the CDI Chief Executive and formally through their seats on the CDI Council, ensuring local voices are heard and the CDI is reflective of all parts of the UK. 

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