Seminars & Creative Practice Talks Programme

Seminar Programme

Thursday 8 July - Day 1

1.45 - 2.30   Seminar 1

Key Stage Transitions - Jo Saward, Careers Lead. 
This seminar explores the theme of continuity by recognising that early transitions shape later transitions. Beginning with a consideration of the role of careers theory in deepening our understanding of transition, the session will go on to show how theory can be applied in practice. The way students in secondary school experience the move from Key Stage 3 to 4, from a broad to a more formalised curriculum, shapes their approach to later transitions at 16, 18 and eventually into adulthood. The seminar shows how this underpins a school career programme focussed on empowering students to experience positive transitions.

Preparing students for personal guidance - Liane Hambly, Director of Creative Career Coaching
Throughout lockdown many of us learned how to create short videos which explain the purpose and process of personal guidance in visual and engaging ways. These have been uploaded to school’s YouTube sites or sent to students via WhatsApp/email. As a result, students are better prepared for the career conversation, arriving with more realistic and positive expectations of the adviser. In this workshop we’ll consider the key messages of such videos, and the visuals and metaphors which can aid understanding. Delegates will receive a guide to making their own introductory video.

Using the Future Skills Questionnaire to support inclusive career programmes - Dr Emily Tanner, Head of Research, The Careers & Enterprise Company, Isobel Finlay, Evaluation Officer, The Careers & Enterprise Company, and Philippa Hartley, Careers Leader and Education Secondee to the CEC
This workshop will introduce Careers Leaders to a new tool for data-driven practice ahead of its launch in Compass+ in September. The Future Skills Questionnaire measures progress in career knowledge and skills and essential skills at key transition points across secondary education, with a tailored version for students with SEND. The data visualisations enable Careers Leaders to compare the progress of student groups, view trends over time, evaluate career programmes and to identify students in need of additional support. In combination with Compass+ data on activity participation and intended destinations, the FSQ will support the delivery of effective inclusive programmes. 

2.45 - 3.30   Seminar 2

Creative Professional Practice: Using a Careers Chatbot - Graham Attwell and Chris Percy, Co-Directors, CareerChat UK  
In today’s world change is occurring at an unprecedented rate and advances in technology are impacting on creative professional practice. This seminar provides overview of how an innovative careers chatbot is developing local labour market intelligence and information (LMI) in a city context. We will specifically share a further education (FE) partnership approach that examines ways to embed FE course information within a careers chatbot aligned to the needs of individuals. We will also briefly draw upon an ongoing study of observational interviews with careers practitioners and their clients which examines how best to use a chatbot in practice. 

Career Benchmarks: Primary Pilot  - Matt Joyce, Regional Lead: North East Ambition & Phil Graham, Primary Facilitator
The Career Benchmarks: Primary Pilot builds on the success of the North East LEP’s Good Career Guidance Benchmark Pilot, delivered in partnership with the Gatsby Foundation and forms part of our North East Ambition programme.

The pilot was designed to support primary schools to use an adapted set of Gatsby Benchmarks as a framework to strategically develop an age-appropriate careers programme.

This session will focus on the impact of the project, highlighting what’s been achieved so far including transition work and how it’s helping primary-age children to learn about the full range of their future opportunities."

Personal Guidance: Lessons Learned - Dr Siobhan Neary, Head of The International Centre for Guidance Studies     
This will be a presentation which describes the iCeGS evaluation of the personal guidance fund with a focus on what worked well, why and for whom. We will also consider the impact of CPD for career advisers and how this supported effective practice.

Friday 9 July - Day 2

12.15 - 1.00    Seminar 3

An approach to universal Virtual Work Inspiration - Jacqui Phipps County Careers and Enterpirse Lead, Josie Finch Enterprise Co-ordinator, New Anglia EAN, Tiffany Evripidou HEC, neaco    
Virtual Work Inspiration (VWIS) has the potential to expand students’ horizons and aspirations. However, it often means that the students who need it most do not access these opportunities. Discover Your Future 2021 is a pilot project that has been created to try and ensure all students are included and that VWIS is embedded in the curriculum. Working collaboratively across 3 organisations, 3 schools (including a SEND school), 400 students and over 100 employers, this workshop will give insights into the programme’s development and delivery, as well as sharing over 10 lesson plans, student/employer booklets and specially created LMI video

Fridays for Future: the career connection - Dr Lyn Barham, CDI Fellow and Project Associate (Research)
Schools, colleges and universities are addressing their carbon footprints, and espousing the movement for ESD: Education for Sustainable Development. There is less evidence that sustainability thinking pervades careers work. While surveys show people increasingly looking for values coherence in their work-life, and many employers are moving in a sustainability direction, somehow careers work has not yet adequately made the link.
The CDI’s Career Development Framework urges us to ‘See the big picture’, including the relationship between career and the environment. Peter Plant demands a paradigm shift. What does that mean, and what should we be doing to bring it about?"

Lost in Transition - Challenges, Solutions & Support for vision impaired children and young people- Gareth Brydon, Children & Young People Manager, and Alex Henderson, Student Support Co-ordinator, Thomas Pocklington Trust
This session will focus on some of the key challenges facing vision impaired children and young people (VI CYP) in respect of careers' and transition support in mainstream schools and colleges in England. The session will detail support available to them from TPT and showcase resources available to Careers' Leaders to ensure more inclusive provision and positive outcomes for VI CRP as they move between education settings into adulthood and towards employment.

1.30 - 2.15   Seminar 4

Embedding Careers Across the Curriculum - Marie Jobson: Practice and Development Manager
With reference to approaches developed by the Careers and Enterprise Company to embed careers across the curriculum, this session will explore how Careers Leaders can inform, engage and mobilise whole staff engagement in careers to ensure consistency and entitlement of opportunity for each and every student

Using Google Sites to make online careers portals for your school - Sally Emler - Raising Aspirations Co-ordinator
There is so much careers information available to students, parents and teachers it can become overwhelming and therefore not look at anything! Over lockdown I wanted to help all three groups to have access to careers information all in one place.

I used Google Sites to create 3 different careers portals - one for general careers information aimed at students and parents, one for students to link subjects with future careers and one for subject teachers.

This seminar – from a current overstretched Careers Leader! - shows how to set up your own Google sites and meet Gatsby Benchmarks 1,2&4!

Careers Ed in Primary Schools: Building aspiration and inclusivity - Janet Colledge Careers Education Consultant     
Research tells us that children as young as 7 have stereotypical ideas of what jobs may be open to them in the future and which are likely not to be. The CDI is currently working on a careers education framework for EYFS up to KS2 to be released in the early autumn term.

The presenters will reference the new framework and why schools should be starting careers ed so early and share ideas of what good looks like and how it can be implemented by primaries and also by secondary schools working with feeder primaries.


Creative Practice and Resource Talks

Friday 9th July - Day 2

10.40 - 11.10  Session 1

How to tailor careers support while maintaining an inclusive approach - Huyen Le, MA student in Career Education and Coaching, University of Derby
It is important to tailor careers support to meet an individual’s needs. But how do we define student’s need and prioritise our support in limited time and resource? Are we missing some student groups in tailoring our services based on our unconscious bias? This seminar shares views from different schools, part of research focusing on Gatsby Benchmark 3 at schools, around providing bespoke service but keeping inclusive approach. Outcome:

  • Assess the Career provision and approach about addressing the need of individual
  • How to define student need? Hard and soft data?
  • Bespoke and inclusive activities.

Empowering Young People To Become Their Own Career Leaders - Ms. Puren Savas Gedikoglu, BAEd, MBA Director & Mentor
Career guidance focuses heavily on external social and economic factors. It tends to overlook exploration of individuals’ influential yet often subconscious internal drives: their instincts, emotions, psychological needs, beliefs and values.

In this seminar we will discuss our vision and experience for a creative curriculum centred around the personal development of young people, one of OFSTED’s recent additions to their inspection criteria. We will share our vision on how we can build students’ awareness of these neuropsychological processes by training teachers/tutors to provide student workshops on topics like locus of control, decision making styles, self-discrepancy, understanding the brain and mindsets. This programme is in line with the first stage of the CDI’s Career Development Framework;

‘Growth Throughout Life’

The skills nurtured by these workshops are crucial for effective career decisions, but more importantly, support young people’s mental health by nurturing critical thinking, resilience, self-understanding and self-esteem. We hope to create a novel holistic approach to career guidance that empowers young people to become their own leaders who can manage their lives competently.

Careers Interview Templates: How to maximise the impact of your careers interviews - Charley Fowler, Area Manager and UK Education Lead
Getting students to prepare for their careers interviews leads to more effective outcomes. Our interview templates support students to plan for their interview, provide a clear structure during the session, and then give them an easy-to-follow action plan for their next steps. 


11.25 - 11.55   Session 2

What is the role of the governing body in supporting careers education? - Rachel Green, Education Engagement and Development Manager
With the new statutory guidance placing an increased emphasis on the role of governing body in taking a strategic interest in careers education it has never been so important for the Careers Leader to establish a positive working relationship with a link governor. Hear from both governors and Careers Leaders about the positive impact of working collaboratively and why is it critical for governors to provide both support and challenge on the whole school or college careers plan to ensure that all students are supported to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Career Development: Every subject. Every Year Group. - Gerard Liston, Director, Forum Talent Potential CIC
It is easy to justify timetable space and teacher involvement for careers activities that motivate students by connecting their classroom learning with life beyond school. Using project examples from 2020/21 at the biggest Multi Academy Trust, and starting from Reception Classes, this workshop shows how it can be done.

A work experience framework the future - Neil Willis, Regional Lead: Education Challenge & Hannah Cummins, Industry Alignment Coordinator, North East LEP
An opportunity to hear about the North East LEP's new Work Experience Framework, which is freely available to employers and educators.

The framework is flexible and adaptable and aims to support employers and educators to structure and deliver meaningful encounters and experiences for young people. It has been used by career leaders in the current climate when virtual opportunities have been essential but can also be utilised as part of a blended or face to face approach to BM6 in the future.

Employers, schools and young people involved in the pilot have been hugely positive about the framework, and its impact.



Jo Saward, Careers Lead. "Passionate about careers education and its importance throughout a young person's school journey since beginning my career in careers with Connexions in 2005, I have been Careers Lead in a large secondary school since 2016 and am half way through my MA in Careers Education and Coaching at Derby University."

Liane Hambly, Director of Creative Career Coaching. "Liane is director of Creative Career Coaching which offers professional development programmes for organisations and career coaches. She has taught at a number of UK universities, delivers workshops and keynotes at international conferences and continues to run her own career coaching practice. She is co-author of Creative Career Coaching, Theory into Practice (Routledge 2019), a best-selling book for career practitioners."

Dr Emily Tanner, Head of Research. "Emily Tanner is Head of Research at CEC, leading on research, evaluation and data to measure the impact of the changing careers landscape and to provide insight to support ongoing programme improvements. Emily has worked in education policy evaluation for 20 years at NatCen Social Research, Oxford University and Yale." 

Graham Attwell, Co-Director, CareerChat UK  "Graham Attwell is a leading researcher and international developer in Technology Enhanced Learning. He provides technical support to ‘LMI for All’ and is also a Co-Director at CareerChat UK."

Chris Percy, Co-Director, CareerChat UK "Chris Percy is a leading economist and highly experienced careers coach. He is also a Co- Director at CareerChat UK."

Matt Joyce, Regional Lead: North East Ambition. "Matt Joyce is a qualified careers adviser and former careers leader, with over 15 years experience in careers. I've been leading on the North East LEP's North East Ambition since June 2019."

Phil Graham, Primary Facilitator. "Phil Graham is a former primary school teacher and middle leader, now facilitating the Careers Benchmarks: Primary Pilot across the North East LEP region.""

Dr Siobhan Neary, Head of The International Centre for Guidance Studies. "Dr Neary is an associate professor of careers at the University of Derby and is the head of the International Centre for Guidance Studies."

Jacqui Phipps County Careers and Enterpirse Lead, Josie Finch Enterprise Co-ordinator, New Anglia EAN, Tiffany Evripidou HEC, neaco. "All presenters have been working across Suffolk schools to embed creative and diverse approaches to supporting young people's career ambitions and aspirations. A total of over 20 years experience."

Dr Lyn Barham, CDI Fellow and Project Associate (Research). "Lyn is a careers adviser, then trainer, then researcher, and a Fellow of NICEC alongside her CDI role. After decades of careers work and of green activism, the time to integrate the two strands of life is becoming ‘now or never’ for our planet’s and our children’s futures"

Gareth Brydon - Children & Young People Manager. "Gareth has 48 years lived experience of vision impairment and 20 + experience in the sight loss sector working in a variety of education, employment and partnership development roles."

Marie Jobson: Practice and Development Manager. "Marie oversees effective delivery of Careers Leader focussed practice and development at The Careers and Enterprise Company. Marie previously worked within the senior leadership team at an 11-18 school, where under her leadership of careers the school was one of the first in the country to meet all 8 Gatsby Benchmarks of good careers guidance."

Sally Emler - Raising Aspirations Co-ordinator. "I have been a PE teacher for nearly 20 years. I became the Raising Aspirations Co-Ordinator in 2016 along side my normal teaching hours. Over the the 5 years we have extended our provision so that students from year 7 to year 13 have the knowledge and skills to progress successful to their next stage of learning and future career"

Janet Colledge Careers Education Consultant. "Janet Colledge is the real life name of @CareersDefender who is a qualified teacher with over 15 years’ experience providing award winning careers education. She is currently chief Careers Education Consultant with Outstanding Careers, . She also blogs, presents and writes for various organisations specialising in the management and provision of careers education in the 11–19 sector and is a member of the Quality in Careers Standard Board"

Ms. Puren Savas Gedikoglu, BAEd, MBA Director & Mentor. "Looking back, I was observant as a child, inquisitive as a young person, questioning as an adult. I have always asked ‘how’ and ‘why’, wishing to apply what I have learned for the wider benefit. I am happy to be able to fulfill this wish once more through this seminar...

My degrees in Education, Pedagogy, Management combined with my trainings in TA (Transactional Analysis) and my experience as Governor for 12 years allowed me to take a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to career guidance for young people."

Huyen Le- MA student in Career Education and Coaching, University of Derby. With over 8 years working in the Training and Business sector in both developing and developed countries in Asia, she supported different groups including children, young people, professionals, university students and vulnerable groups in their career and personal development. She specialises in People and Organisational development to build an inclusive workplace environment.  

Rachel Green - Education Engagement and Development Manager. Having spent over 25 years in the education sector, including as a Primary Headteacher and Multi-Academy Trust Careers Leader, Rachel now works for The CEC, developing resources, delivering training for Careers Leaders, SLT, Governors, Enterprise Co-ordinators and Advisers. Rachel also volunteers as a Governor and Enterprise Adviser.

Charley Fowler, Area Manager and UK Education Lead. Charley started in the classroom as a teacher, before moving on to work in a Careers department developing relationships with employers. Now, Charley manages partnerships with 250+ Unifrog partner schools and colleges alongside completing an MA Sociology of Education at UCL and has recently been appointed Unifrog’s UK Education Lead. 

Gerard Liston, Director, Forum Talent Potential CIC. Gerard has pioneered ways of bringing curriculum learning to life by working in partnership with local employers. He is a qualified teacher and has received the Sieff Award from Business in the Community for ‘an individual based in the community who has best collaborated with business to benefit society’

Neil Willis, Regional Lead: Education Challenge. Neil is a qualified teacher with over 16 years teaching and leadership experience in secondary education. He has been with the North East LEP since 2018 leading on our Education Challenge programme.

Hannah Cummins, Industry Alignment Coordinator. "Hannah coordinates engagement between employers and educators with a focus on creating sustainable relationships and community connected learning to deliver innovative approaches to Benchmark 4, 5 & 6. Hannah joined the North East LEP in 2018 after graduating from Durham University.