CDI - Recent History, Purpose and the Future

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Recent History

The Careers Profession Task Force was set up by the Government (2010) to provide the vision for high-quality delivery of CEIAG and make recommendations on the actions needed to ensure careers professionals in England have the knowledge and skills required to enable young people to make informed decisions about learning and work pathways; and have the ability to manage and plan their career and personal development.

Much has changed in the career development sector since the launch of the Careers Profession Task Force report, ‘Towards a Strong Careers Profession’ in 2010. The report made recommendations for enhancing the professionalism of the career sector including the establishment of an overarching professional body, a professional register, new qualification levels and common professional standards. The Careers Profession Alliance (CPA) and then the Career Development Institute (CDI), launched in April 2013 have striven to facilitate the sector to be stronger and more cohesive by addressing these recommendations which are also relevant for all parts of the sector across the UK. This article explores what was needed , what has been achieved and plans for the future.

The Future

Future ambitions (in no particular order)

10,000 members

 Growth of the UK Register of Career Development Professionals   

Compelling package of member benefits, including discount on professional indemnity insurance

 Expansion of the CPD Resources area for members

 Working with the National Careers Service (England); SDS; DELNI; Career Wales

 Services and resources continue to improve in response to Member’s feedback

 Chartered status

 Financial security

Growth in numbers of Affiliate Organisations and School Affiliates

Corporate Identity

The CDI brand is one of our most valuable assets: it is our visual statement to the world of who and what the organisation is; it reflects our personality and all that the professional body stands for, and as such we have taken steps to protect its use. 

We have developed corporate identity guidelines to ensure consistency in the use of the logo, font and colour scheme in printed and online communications. Our aim is to keep them clear, simple and unambiguous.

Members of the CDI are encouraged to use the initials MCDI after their name and in professional communications. To protect the integrity of the brand, Members cannot use/copy the CDI logo and embed it in their own resources/websites/printed communications. This is clearly stated in the corporate identity guidelines.

Members of the UK Register of Career Development Professionals can request a specifically designed logo to use to promote their status as registered professionals. For more information, jump to UK Register of Career Development Professionals or contact