Types of Membership and Fees


Click here to join nocursorMembership Types - Personal

Individual Membership applies to anyone with a passion for the sector, either those working in the field, with an active interest in career development, or who are studying to enter the profession. Individual Membership costs £105 per year* and is considered our entry-level membership option. 

Registered Professional Membership is for everyone providing career development services. Registered Professional membership costs £160 for the first year, then £130 per subsequent year, but requires a professional career-development qualification to qualify. Find out more. 

Student Membership aims to support those studying a career development qualification. Student Membership costs £55 per year*, and is perfect for those who aim to become a Registered Professional following the completion of their course. Find out more. 

QCD Student Membership is the membership category exclusively for those studying the Qualification in Career Development, and provides all the benefits of Student Membership with some added extras exclusive to the course. QCD Student Membership is £55 per year, with an additional course registration fee at the beginning of your QCD studies. Find out more. 

Retired Membership is for members of the career development sector who are no longer working but still wish to remain active within the community, receiving all of our benefits at a reduced cost. Retired Membership costs £55 per year*. 

International Membership helps provide all of our digital benefits - PDFs of our reports and publications, access to our webinars, and our fabulous Resources Library - for those living outside of the UK. International Membership costs £75 per year*. Find out more. 

Membership Types - Affiliate

Our Affiliate membership options are for organisations who wish to be a part of the CDI's community, and offer a range of exclusive benefits specifically for organisations. The organisation is listed as the member, and one named contact is set up to receive the benefits on its behalf. Please note, some benefits, such as the CDI Academy qualifications, require a personal membership and will not apply to Affiliate membership types. 

Affiliate Organisation Membership helps to support commercial work with the CDI, advertising your business on your own Affiliate Profile page and providing discounts to exhibitions, advertisements, and other commercial oppotunities. Affiliate Organisation Membership costs £190 per year*Find out more. 

School Affiliate Membership has been developed to support professionals in their role within a School environment, perfect for both a School with a careers team or with a dedicated Careers Leader alike. School Affiliate Membership costs £105 per year*Find out more. 

*Please note, all new memberships are charged an initial £25 joining fee on their application invoice. 

We also offer a Bulk Membership Scheme for organisations wishing to enrol 10 or more members.


To become a member

Applying for membership is easy, you can either;

If you have any queries about CDI membership, please email Matthew Webster at matthew.webster@thecdi.net or call him on 01384 376464.