PuzzlePieces Guidance CGT Read

1. What are the CDI'S Bank Details?

 Bank: Lloyds Bank           Sort Code: 30-98-21            Account Number: 25337168


2. How much is membership if I start half way through the year?

We operate a rolling membership year and therefore you will pay a full years membership when you complete an application form for membership and the membership renewal will be 12 months later.


3. When will I receive my membership certificate?

Membership Certificates are distributed with the Career Matters magazine every October. To guarantee the safe arrival of your certificate, please ensure your address details are up to date and correct by the end of September - we cannot guarantee delivery of your Ceritifcate if your address is not up to date. 


4. How can I pay for my membership?

  • Credit Card: Download, complete and return the Credit Card authorisation form to us. Alternatively we can take card payments over the telephone - please call: 01384 376464
  • Cheque made payable to the Career Development Institute. Please post your cheque to Career Development Institute, Ground Floor, Copthall House, 1 New Road, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY8 1PH
  • BACS transfer: to the Career Development Institute at Lloyds TSB, Sort Code 30-98-21, Account 25337168 
  • Direct Debit: payment by single direct debit or by installments are available in detail on the  page. 


5. If I join as an Affiliate Organisation can the whole of my organisation use the benefits?

Unfortunately Affiliate membership allows one named contact to receive the benefits on behalf of the company. This includes membership rates for CPD, training and conferences; quarterly copy of Career Matters etc. Affiliate Organisations do receive a range of benefits not available to other members including reduced rates on advertising and sponsorship see Affiliate Organisation


6. How much is the one-off joining fee?

The one-off joining fee is £25.00 and payable when you sign up for membership.


7. Does the £105 I pay for membership also cover membership of the Register of Career Development Professionals?

No. There are two lots of fees to pay. Membership of the CDI costs £105 (plus a one-off £25 admin fee). If in addition you wish to join the Professional Register, the cost is £55 in the first year and £25 thereafter to maintain your registration.


8. Do I need to be a member of the CDI in order to be on the Register of Career Development Professionals?

Yes. Membership of the Professional Register is conditional on you being a member of the CDI.


9. Is there a membership category for unwaged members?

No. Also currently there are no fee reductions for unwaged members to attend events.


10. Who is my regional representative and how do I contact them?

Details of Board Members, and Council Reps, including regional representatives can be accessed here


11. Does the CDI offer Fellowships and Life Membership?

Although the CDI does not currently offer Fellowships, we do acknowledge two very special categories: Legacy Fellows and Life Members.

  • Legacy Fellows: These are members of the CDI who were awarded Fellowships by one of the founding member organisations of the CDI (ACEG; ICG; NAEGA and ACPi-UK)
  • Life Members: These are CDI members who were Life Members of one of the founding member organisations.