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How can students fund university with the British Army? (Free Webinar)

There are many different routes to getting a degree partially or fully funded by the Army, and we will explore a full range of options available to those applying to the Army as an Officer or a Soldier. These are interesting alternatives to a degree level apprenticeship for those who are looking for an employer willing to invest in their education. Improve your knowledge of Army opportunities to help young people make more informed choices. This webinar will be presented by Eleanor Brown of BASE (British Army In Education).


Negotiating with Confidence: Helping Our Clients, Helping Ourselves (Free Webinar)

Career development professionals are constantly faced with negotiations. We are helping our own clients deal with job offers, requests for salary increases and promotions, as well as other workplace negotiations. We also have to negotiate on our own behalf as contractors, job candidates and employees. Presented by Karen Chopra, a career coach and former US Government trade negotiator, this webinar will provide a framework for preparing and conducting any negotiation. We will also discuss specific techniques to handle the most common negotiation challenges, such as job offers.


The National Quality in Careers Standard Award – External Validation of Your Career Programme – Why and How? (Free Webinar)

In the Statutory Duty of 2018, all schools and colleges are ‘strongly recommended’ to work towards the national Quality in Careers Standard award. Career education professional Janet Hutchinson will explain why it is important to engage with the award to provide external validation of your careers guidance programme. This webinar will look at the requirements of the Quality in Careers Standard award and how to achieve them. It will also cover how working towards and achieving the award will help you raise the profile of careers in your organisation and local community and start a cycle of continuous improvement that will have a positive impact and importantly help learners achieve and succeed. Janet Hutchinson is an ex-teacher, a businesswoman and adviser and assessor for Complete Careers, a Licensed Awarding Body for the award.


CDI SEND Masterclass 1 - Introduction to young people with SEND and the key career challenges they face (Expert Training Online)

The biggest challenge to successfully delivering careers guidance for young people with SEND is understanding the vastly differing groups of young people, the barriers they face and what positive career outcomes look like. You will build your confidence by improving your knowledge of who young people with SEND are, starting with the national careers strategy and statutory guidance and how it applies to SEND. You will be able to recognise the key career challenges facing young people with SEND in Career SEND Group One and Career SEND Group Two and what can be done to mitigate them and appreciate what positive career outcomes look like whilst looking at a whole of school case study to understand how everything fits together.


CEIAG What's that? (Free Webinar)

A new webinar designed to help new careers leaders, careers advisers, teachers, governors and other school/college staff, and enterprise coordinators and enterprise advisers better understand the differences between careers information, advice and guidance. Presented by Dr Michelle Stewart, this webinar will take a case study approach to address three key questions: • What we mean by careers information, advice and guidance? • How does guidance differ from personal guidance? • What does the ‘E’ stand for?