This page provides an 'at a glance' overview of our programme of free webinars.

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Career Moves at Imperial College London (Free Webinar)

Imperial College London is committed to supporting every member of staff in their career. They have multiple developmental opportunities available to equip staff with the skills they need to reach their potential. ‘Career Moves’ is one of their most recent offerings, and focuses on the mindset of career progression, inviting staff to think holistically about their career. This tool was created after researching careers at Imperial, and discovering staff tended to make several different career moves. Imperial identified these moves as: Ladder; Grid; Voyage; Rooted; Expedition; and, Boomerang, with some members of staff making all six of the moves! Each move encompasses a different kind of progression from the traditional ‘ladder’ and through their Career Moves project they encourage staff to learn and reflect on their career journey whilst empowering them to take control of their career.


How to market your services in this current climate? (Free webinar)

In the current situation it is difficult for career practitioners to market our services without feeling uncomfortable or insensitive to many people’s current financial situation. This webinar will explore some of the challenges faced with marketing in uncertain times. It will focus on how to build your professional brand, including your own profile, and give yourself a competitive advantage. Presented by executive career coach, Stephanie Rix, this session will also cover effective marketing techniques, including tips on using appropriate marketing language, social media channels, and building connections.


Labour market information (LMI) (Free Webinar)

This webinar will focus on the use of technology in providing online learning support for career practitioners using LMI. It will highlight the potential enhancement that ICT provides, alongside some inherent tensions. A particular example will be used to highlight the potential of technology: ‘LMI for All’, funded by government in England, using state-of-the-art technology to collect, and mediate the dissemination of robust, current and reliable labour market information to support career interventions. Dr Sally-Anne Barnes and Professor Jenny Bimrose will cover some fundamental implications for practice introduce online learning units, designed to support practitioners enhance the use of LMI.


Reviewing LMI and the labour market for Covid-19 (Free Webinar)

The current labour market is looking considerably different to how it looked at the beginning of the the year. This webinar is an introduction to the changes we’re currently experiencing in the UK labour market due to the pandemic situation and how it might alter as we emerge. Presented by careers and labour market information specialist Helen Janota, it will consider the impact of Covid-19 on certain sectors and groups of people and highlight some of the key messages. It will also review some of the LMI resources young people and advisers can make use of. This free webinar provides an overview of the current labour market situation and LMI resources; for more in depth participation, a Masterclass by the same speaker is available.


The emergence of Degree Apprenticeships

This session will provide an overview of Degree Apprenticeships and the differences between these and traditional university degrees. Participants will develop an understanding of course requirements, teaching methods and assessments. The session will explore course content and will use several case studies to illustrate the differences. It will provide an opportunity for participants to ask questions and find out more about this new emerging degree route.