The National Quality in Careers Standard Award – External Validation of Your Career Programme – Why and How? (Free Webinar)

Thursday 17th September - 13.30 
Tuesday 10th November - 15.30



In the Statutory Duty of 2018, all schools and colleges are ‘strongly recommended’ to work towards the national Quality in Careers Standard award. Career education professional Janet Hutchinson will explain why it is important to engage with the award to provide external validation of your careers guidance programme. This webinar will look at the requirements of the Quality in Careers Standard award and how to achieve them. It will also cover how working towards and achieving the award will help you raise the profile of careers in your organisation and local community and start a cycle of continuous improvement that will have a positive impact and importantly help learners achieve and succeed. Janet Hutchinson is an ex-teacher, a businesswoman and adviser and assessor for Complete Careers, a Licensed Awarding Body for the award.

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