CDI Fellowships

In 2020 we introduced a system of Fellowships to distinguish and honour the commitment of eminent members who have contributed to the progression of the CDI and the career development profession.

Fellowship logo-2019Our Fellows will play an important role for us as champions of career development and ambassadors for the CDI. Importantly, to be considered for a Fellowship, it is expected that members will have made a significant contribution to elements of career development practice.

In first few years we wanted to keep the processes and admin simple, so it was decided that the Board, working with the Professional Standards Committee (PSC) would be the nominating authority.

Going forward, we will seek to increase the number of CDI Fellows year on year. This is not a new class of membership; Fellows will still be required to pay their membership fees, but an individual award and recognition from professional peers. Fellows will be able to use a new logo designed for e purpose.

In 2020 the CDI presented the first two Fellowships to: Anthony Barnes and Dr Siobhan Neary.

A short introduction to both:

  1. Anthony Barnes

  • Has worked tirelessly to raise the quality of careers education in schools and colleges throughout his career
  • He has edited the CEGNET website and newsletter for many years
  • He is a former President of NACGT (National Association of Careers and Guidance Teachers) – a founding association of the CDI
  • He is a major contributor to development of the Quality in Careers Standard award
  • He has contributed to and continues to write many publications, informed by his research, including CDI’s Careers, Employability and Enterprise Framework, and Career Related Learning in Primary Schools in the CEC’s What Works series, and CDI briefing for schools, special schools and colleges: Developing a Careers Policy
  • He is a founder member of CDI’s Community of Interest for Careers Education
  • And he is currently helping to curate the CDI’s National Careers Archive at Stourbridge.
  1. Dr Siobhan Neary

  • Has 25 years’ experience as a guidance practitioner, trainer, manager, lecturer and researcher
  • She is a respected academic in field of career guidance and development with particular interest in the structure and nature of the workforce, continuing professional development and the professional identity of guidance professionals
  • She has made a major contribution to research both nationally and internationally, and is author of numerous research papers, briefing papers and conference presentation papers on many different aspects of career guidance, career management, and professional development
  • She is currently the Head of iCeGS (the International Centre for Guidance Studies) at University of Derby and a member of NICE (the Network for Innovation in Career Guidance and Counselling in Europe)
  • She is the book review editor of the British Journal of Guidance and Counselling, and a regular peer reviewer for that and several other journals including the British Educational Research Association and co-author in 2016, with Claire Johnson, of CPD for the Career Development Professional – a handbook for enhancing practice
  • Last year she completed her final 3-year term as the elected representative for England, on the CDI’s Professional Standards Committee.

In 2021 we presented three Fellowships to: Liane Hambly, Dr Lyn Barham and Claire Nix

  1. Liane Hambly

  • Liane’s Fellowship recognises a hard-working, skilled and innovative trainer who is both well-known and well-loved in the careers sector across the UK and beyond.
  • She has been a tutor on the QCG courses at Nottingham Trent, Huddersfield and Coventry University, and is now a freelance trainer. 
  • She has worked in Careers Wales, Skills Development Scotland, and the National Careers Service amongst others, and has been instrumental in helping these careers services develop consistent models of guidance and quality standards which have had a huge impact on how guidance is delivered. 
  • In Scotland, she worked with Skills Development Scotland to design a coaching approach to career guidance and also a ‘train the trainers’ programme.
  • Liane has an international profile having presented at international Thought Leader conferences and delivered training for guidance counsellors in Ireland.
  • She is the co-author with Ciara Bomford, of “Creative Career Coaching: Theory into Practice” and has written several articles on aspects of career choice and decision making.
  • Liane has also been a member of the CDI’s Professional Development Committee, retiring from the Committee in 2018, and a long-term member of the Institute of Career Guidance and the CDI, and has contributed greatly to the delivery of training on behalf of both organisations.

       2.  Dr Lyn Barham

  • Lyn’s Felllowship is in recognition of the wide-ranging contribution she has made to research, training, professional development, and guidance practice.
  • She has made significant contributions to the international guidance field through the International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance (IAEVG), of which she has been both acting Secretary General and Treasurer, and through the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) for whom she has led research projects and contributed extensively to publications.
  • She is an iCeGS Associate, a NICEC Fellow and has always been an active member of both the Institute of Career Guidance and the CDI.
  • Most recently, as a research associate for the CDI she has helped to develop a bank of resources on the website to enable members to support their Continuing Professional Development. She also produces the invaluable CPD newsletter which goes out to all CDI members.
  • Lyn is currently working with a cross-association group of the CDI, iCeGS and AGCAS to develop and implement the annual practitioner researcher conference. She has an interest in nurturing practitioner researcher talent and has been working to develop a repository for student dissertations.
  • Lyn has been a career guidance professional for over 45 years working quietly, continuously, and tirelessly for the benefit of her fellow professionals.

       3. Claire Nix

  • Claire Nix receives her Fellowship for her amazing contribution to the careers sector over a sustained period of time, and the tireless work she has done to improve careers education and guidance for young people.
  • She led the National Careers Education Support programme for the DCSF which saw a careers education programme going into every school in England.
  • She has managed projects on behalf of the CDI to raise the profile of the Institute such as the World Skills Toolkit; managed the Staff Room and workshops at the National World Skills live events for three years.
  • She is a large contributor to the development of the CDI Academy and has written the Level 6 training programme for the full guidance award. She has led on the Career Theory training materials for the Level 6 Certificate in Careers Leadership
  • Claire has worked on the Quality in Careers Standard as an assessor and is a Panel Assessor for the Award, working closely to support the licensed providers achieve recognition.
  • She has written work for the Careers & Enterprise Company which includes the SEN Toolkit.
  • Claire has been a founder member of the Community of Interest for Careers Education, a strategic group for the CDI; she has also been a Board member of the CDI and sat on the Finance committee. She is an active member of NICEC.