This page provides an 'at a glance' overview of our programme of expert online training.

"Expert Training Online" is the name of our new, priced online CPD - presented by recognised experts in their field and career thought leaders. Most sessions will last about one hour: the fee for members will be £25 + VAT per one-hour session (£45 for non-members). Longer sessions will be priced accordingly.  

If you have ideas for future expert training sessions or would like to run a session yourself, please contact 





Supporting Adults with Career Change Thinking (Expert Training Online)

How can you support an adult who has been made redundant or was out of work prior to the pandemic? This expert session provides practical skills to enable you to support your customers to start to think about options for this uncertain future. Using examples of three people at such a point, this training session will remind us of the im-portance of transferable skills and develops a narrative of the customer’s career to date with some potential next steps. It highlights the importance of reinforcing a ‘can do’ mindset and the flexibil-ity of career management techniques to build resilience.


CDI SEND Masterclass 2 - Positive Career Pathways and Career Outcomes for young people with SEND (Expert Training Online)

The backdrop to careers guidance for young people with SEND is understanding the Statutory planning processes and tools including Transition, Annual Reviews and EHC Plans and other agencies involved. Using case studies of positive Career Outcomes and Career Pathways from school and beyond for Career SEND Group One and Career SEND Group Two, you will consider other organisations who can contribute to more successful career outcomes including the role of employers. You will become confident in the function and management of statutory career planning processes and understand your role within these processes, become familiar with creating purposeful EHC Outcomes and achieve a detailed understanding of the different career outcomes.


Labour market intelligence, same or different? The career development professional and LMI post-Covid-19 (Expert Training Online)

The current labour market is looking considerably different to how it looked at the beginning of the year. This two-hour interactive Masterclass aims to update careers advisers and careers leaders on what the current UK labour market looks like and how different it might look as we come out of the current pandemic situation. With a particular focus on those working with young people approaching the end of school, sixth form or college, it will highlight areas of understanding as well as useful LMI resources for both careers professionals and young people themselves. The session will also take a candid look at the impact of Covid-19 on the labour market – the sectors and groups of people that are likely to be the hardest hit – and whether the key messages for young people are essentially the same or need reviewing.