Five Fabulous New Career Theories and how you can use them in your work (Expert Training Online)

Thursday 10th September, 13.30 – 15.30


In this interactive session Julia Yates will introduce you to some of her favourite theories and models that you may not have come across before, share case studies to help shed light on the theories, and discuss how they can be used in careers work. The session will focus on the following career theories:

  1. Career Inaction Theory: which offers a great explanation for clients who have clear career goals and know exactly what they need to do, but don’t do anything to move forwards
  2. The Kaleidoscope Career Model: explores the different drivers that motivate men and women throughout their careers
  3. System 1 and System 2: this is Daniel Kahnemann’s nobel prize winning explanation of decision making
  4. Post-job loss career-growth model: based on the idea of post-traumatic growth, this theory explains how people who have lost their jobs can find a way through the pain to a more positive future
  5. Career resources model: An exploration of the psychological resources needed for career development in the 21st century

Learning Outcomes

Key objectives of this interactive masterclass are to:

  • Introduce delegates to five new career theories
  • Consider how these theories can be used in career practice

Technical matters

We will be using zoom which works best on a laptop rather than phone. You will need a camera and audio to participate.

People using ipads and Apple Macs may experience different layout than others, so please ensure you are familiar with the basics of Zoom (chat, raising hands, mute, sharing documents).

The workshop will be very interactive, so bring your brain, pen, paper and enthusiasm.

We appreciate that lockdown may make this difficult, but if you can please locate yourself in a quiet room.


(Please join at 13.15 to resolve any technical hitches) 


Welcome, introductions and using theories in practice



Career Inaction Theory



The Kaleidoscope Career Model






System 1 and System 2 Decision-making




Post job loss career-growth model



Career resources model



Close (host will stay on-line for individual questions)

Bio pic

Dr Julia Yates has worked in careers for over 20 years as a practitioner, manager, writer, researcher and trainer. She currently is a Senior Lecturer at City, University of London where she runs the MSc in Organisational Psychology, and previously set up and ran the country’s first MSc in Career Coaching at the University of East London.

Julia is passionate about the links between research, theory and practice. She has published over 20 peer reviewed academic articles, five book chapters and three books, including the Career Coaching Handbook and most recently the Career Coaching Toolkit.

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