This page provides an 'at a glance' overview of our programme of expert online training.

"Expert Training Online" is the name of our new, priced online CPD - presented by recognised experts in their field and career thought leaders. Most sessions will last about one hour: the fee for members will be £25 + VAT per one-hour session (£45 for non-members). Longer sessions will be priced accordingly.  

If you have ideas for future expert training sessions or would like to run a session yourself, please contact 





Supporting Adults with Career Change Thinking (Expert Training Online)

How can you support an adult who has been made redundant or was out of work prior to the pandemic? This expert session provides practical skills to enable you to support your customers to start to think about options for this uncertain future. Using examples of three people at such a point, this training session will remind us of the im-portance of transferable skills and develops a narrative of the customer’s career to date with some potential next steps. It highlights the importance of reinforcing a ‘can do’ mindset and the flexibil-ity of career management techniques to build resilience.


CDI SEND Masterclass 3 - Addressing the barriers to positive career outcomes for young people with SEND including employer engagement (Expert Training Online)

The challenges to achieving optimum career outcomes starts with society’s approach to disability. Considering the Social and medical models of disability will assist your understanding of why career outcomes are not achieved at equal rates to those who are not disabled/disadvantaged. You will learn about the aspects that need to be considered using the career development model for young people with SEND - #sameandifferent for Career SEND Group One and Career SEND Group Two . Additionally, you will consider the important role of Families, Parents and Carers in career planning including aspiration raising. You will also consider the proven business benefits of a more diverse workforce. You will develop your practice by finding out how other Careers Guidance professionals are tackling transition during the Corona Virus pandemic.


Delivering career guidance and coaching via telephone and video (Expert Training Online)

This expert training online session is aimed at career practitioners who deliver or intend to deliver career guidance and coaching via the medium of telephone and video. The content focuses on in-depth guidance and coaching rather than tracking or cold calling. During the session we will explore how the skills and methods of face-to-face work can be creatively applied to telephone and video, rapidly building rapport and using multi-sensory tactics to fully engage clients and address their career development needs. The workshop will be led by Liane Hambly, Career Development Consultant. Liane uses these media in her own coaching practice. Feedback from a previous masterclass: "Brilliant training session. The content was spot on, so thank you! I have to say that's undoubtedly the best £75 I've ever spent."