This page provides an 'at a glance' overview of our programme of expert online training.

"Expert Training Online" is the name of our new, priced online CPD - presented by recognised experts in their field and career thought leaders. Most sessions will last about one hour: the fee for members will be £25 + VAT per one-hour session (£45 for non-members). Longer sessions will be priced accordingly.  

If you have ideas for future expert training sessions or would like to run a session yourself, please contact 





Create a Compelling LinkedIn Profile (Masterclass)

Do you want to create a LinkedIn profile that you are proud of? A profile that conveys immediately who you are, what you offer, and what difference you make in the careers field? Then join us for this interactive, practical and hands-on workshop, where we will work together to create compelling profiles, there and then. You will learn how to: • Create a complete and enticing profile with keyword rich content and a strong visual appeal • Showcase your achievements so your profile attracts the right attention, from the right people • Get found in searches by clients, colleagues, employers, collaborators, journalists, recruiters, researchers and anyone else who matters in your and your clients’ professional circles • Build and expand your network in a professional manner (and yes, 1st impressions do count, especially online). Recent feedback from delegates: "Inspiring session from a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenter. Very interactive too."


Delivering career guidance and coaching via telephone and video (Expert Training Online)

This expert training online session is aimed at career practitioners who deliver or intend to deliver career guidance and coaching via the medium of telephone and video. The content focuses on in-depth guidance and coaching rather than tracking or cold calling. During the session we will explore how the skills and methods of face-to-face work can be creatively applied to telephone and video, rapidly building rapport and using multi-sensory tactics to fully engage clients and address their career development needs. The workshop will be led by Liane Hambly, Career Development Consultant. Liane uses these media in her own coaching practice. Feedback from a previous masterclass: "Brilliant training session. The content was spot on, so thank you! I have to say that's undoubtedly the best £75 I've ever spent."


Five Fabulous New Career Theories and how you can use them in your work (Expert Training Online)

In this interactive session career thought leader Julia Yates will introduce you to some of her favourite theories and models that you may not have come across before, share case studies to help shed light on the theories, and discuss how they can be used in careers work. Theories to be explored: Career Inaction Theory; The Kaleidoscope Career Model; System 1 and System 2; Post-job loss career-growth model; Career resources model.