Board and Council Member Elections

Key elections will be held during this month, September 2015,  for posts on the CDI Board and nominations are sought for the following specific posts:

  • Honorary Secretary
  • Two Board members

In addition,  members on Council will be reaching the end of their terms of office and in order to provide for continuity, both now and in the future, nominations are sought to fill posts on the Council for one, two and three year terms.

Current Board members and members of Council will be eligible to be nominated for these posts.

Information on Roles and Responsibilities

Links to all the information you need are provided below so you can begin to consider your own and colleagues nominations. The first paper, CDI Elected Bodies, provides a general overview.


Nomination forms  can also be accessed via the following links, or by downloading the attached documents:

Details of the nomination and election timetable are included on the nomination forms.

Professional Standards Committee

Nominations for posts on the Professional Standards Committee will be sought in early 2016 as a number of post holders will complete their terms of office at the end of March, including the Chair of the Committee. 

Information regarding the roles and responsibilities of the Professional Standards Committee and those of the Chair are attached.