Digital Tools for Career Development Work

There is now a great choice of digital tools available to use either in your own work or to enrich your work with clients.

Below you will find links to some digital tools that have been recommended by CDI members. If you would like to make suggestions for digital tools to include in our listing please complete this form.

The listing follows the headings of CREATION, TRANSACTION, RESPONSIBILTY and LEARNING and therefore supports CTRL which is our digital confidence assessment tool;

CREATION covers creating digital resources, digital research skills, assessing suitability of different tools, as well as managing and backing up digital assets.

TRANSACTION covers digital communication, marketing and promotion, data and records, planning and collaboration.

RESPONSIBILITY covers digital accessibility and inclusion, maintaining device and data security, managing and promoting wellbeing online, and self-sufficiency in problem solving.

LEARNING covers participation in online continuous professional development and training, planning and creation of learning for digital platforms, planning and delivery of learning, guidance and coaching online.


To which part of CTRL it relates
Possible Career Development Uses


Cloud-based Graphic design tool for creating impactful social media graphics, presentations, videos and posters


Free and paid (pro and enterprise) versions. Canva offers templates and simple tools for creating appealing images which can improve the impact of communication, whether in social media posts, marketing materials for events or services, or making ideas and resources such as worksheets, presentations or learning content more accessible to clients and colleagues.


Virtual bulletin board for sharing content with a group



Collaborative web platform where users can upload, organise, and share content to virtual bulletin boards called "padlets". Content can be organised in different formats such as walls, grids, timelines and maps.  


Virtual event application for conferences and exhibitions




Plan, market and organise online virtual conferences and seminars, with main stage, parallel sessions, expo booths, networking.  Free plan includes up to 100 delegates for 2 hour events.  Commission charged on any paid ticket sales. Events can be viewed on web or mobile apps. Recordings for paid plans only.

Microsoft Planner

Planning application for simple collaborative, project management


Planning and managing individual events, activities, or work programmes. The tool can be used individually or to collaborate with others to organise and allocate and update progress on tasks. Available to Office 365 subscribers and education users.  Different versions available for use in the cloud, through downloaded applications and on mobile devices.  Planner is also built into Microsoft Teams, so plans can be easily shared with particular teams inside an organisation.


Planning and list making application for projects and team collaboration.


Create task boards to plan and manage individual events, activities, or work programmes. The tool can be used individually or to collaborate with others to organise and allocate and update progress on tasks.

Microsoft Accessibility Checker

Built into Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and OneNote, tool offers advice and assistance on improving content accessibility.



This tool provides best practices and tips on how to easily make your emails, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other content accessible to everyone.

Speech to text transcription and translation applications 



Otter integrates with popular online meeting tools such as Zoom, Teams and Google Meet.  It enables live captioning and capture of meeting notes, storing everything in one central place.  Up to 600 minutes monthly included on free plan. Notes are stored with name of speaker alongside for easy reference.


project management and team communication application



Plan events and projects, create groups with web and mobile interfaces, to share project tasks, documents, to dos, messages, schedules.  Check-in feature prompts participation.  Free "Personal" plan allows 3 projects.  Business subscription required for larger-scale use.

Google Jamboard

Jamboard is a digital whiteboard that lets you collaborate in real time using either the Jamboard device (a 55-inch digital whiteboard that works with G Suite services), web browser or mobile app.



Useful for generating and exploring ideas e.g. brainstorming and mind-mapping together with a client. It's also an excellent way to engage with workshop participants in an online environment by getting them to collaborate and share their thoughts and ideas on a topic.



Miro is an online whiteboard platform that helps you co-create and bring meetings to life by brainstorming ideas, taking notes, or visualising concepts together.



Useful for sharing and exploring ideas in a collaborative online space in coaching or career development sessions as well as in workshops and training.


Web-based platform for interactive quizzes, polling and Q&A console.



Session facilitator can put Mentimeter on the presentation screen, and participants can login via their phone or device (either via a browser or scanning a QR code). The facilitator can control the pace of presentation. Can be used in career development sessions to run multiple-choice careers quizzes, run polls (with results appearing in pie charts, graphs or word clouds), and allow an anonymous Q&A (particularly useful in large lecture theatres when participants may feel too intimidated to ask questions the traditional way). Results can be downloaded in PDF or image format to be shared after the session as a learning development tool.

Microsoft Teams

A platform that allows workspace discussion.  Offers functionality such as break out rooms; use of a white board, group chat.  Can improve digital facilitation of learning and development opportunities. 

Free version allows meetings of up to 100 people for 60 minutes and includes chat, file sharing, tasks and polling. Paid versions from £3 per user per month. Teams is also bundled with other Microsoft Office subscriptions.


Facilitation of learning/training; practitioner reflective practice; digital engagement with customers and partners (where they too have access to Teams); practitioner development of resources; focus groups.