CPD Opportunities in Scotland

Supporting members

The needs of our Scottish members are extremely important to us and we place an emphasis on hearing your voices so we can tailor our provision to meet your needs. To ensure that you are kept informed about the CDI and news within Scotland, we provide a fortnightly email for Scottish members and welcome your feedback on it. You have already been busy sending in a number of suggestions which the CDI team very much appreciate. 

CPD Webinars

Free webinars and a monthly CPD newsletter are part of your membership benefits package. To book your place and receive the joining link simply fill in the standard booking form which can be found in the events section of the website.

We believe that all learning journeys should be based on your needs so in March 2019 we promoted a training needs CPD survey that was sent to members to find out what you would like us to do to support you in your work role and what we could do to supplement your employer-led CPD.

The CDI community shared their thought and the largest number of respondents indicated that they felt CPD Themes related to Creative Career Coaching (31%) would be most relevant to their practice, while 15% selected reducing the negative impact of ACE’s, 15% selected Future Skills and Future Work, 11% selected mental health and well-being, 2% selected supporting clients with ASN, 2% selected social justice and equalities, 4% selected evaluating and measuring impact and 19% selected other.

Of the 19% of CDI members who selected other, nine individuals left responses within the text boxes. 6 individuals stated that they felt that all of the above CPD themes were relevant to their professional practice. Other respondents stated the following: 

  • Portfolio careers; technology and changes in recruiting
  • Use of social media with clients
  • Equity of Access – services and opportunities in rural areas

September saw Katie Carmichael deliver a webinar on ‘Dyslexia through the lens of career coaching’ while upcoming webinars to look forward to include:

  • The future of work and lifelong guidance in the workplace by Tommy Breslin
  • The brilliant brain … some implications for careers work by Liane Hambly
  • Realising potential despite circumstances by Iain MacRitchie

Please see our list of webinars with dates and times and book through the website. As always, we always welcome suggestions for new webinars from individual and organisational members and are working on new webinars for the coming period. 

Members' Meetings

We are planning to organise four members' meetings each year, starting on October 1st 2019 in Glasgow. These will be twilight meetings, ie straight after work, and be held at various locations including Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee - we have mapped the location of the membership in Scotland - we will also try to offer virtual access to members' meetings.

The format for these meetings will include guest speakers; discussion and a CDI update. The first agenda will be published shortly. People who are thinking of joining the CDI are welcome to attend.

Promoting the Sector in Scotland

The plan:

  1. Delivery and further development of CPD opportunities
  2. The establishment of a cross sector forum on careers education, information, advice and guidance in Scotland
  3. Nurturing our current membership body and increasing membership