CPD Opportunities in Scotland 2019

Introducing Scotland's new Project Associate, Nicola Hay

Scotland’s project associate, Nicola Hay, took up her role with the CDI in February 2019. Her brief is to strengthen relationships with members throughout Scotland, developing a CPD programme based on Scottish members’ needs and increase the CDI's footprint with pivotal organisations and stakeholders, and grow our membership.

Hello Scotland,

218 Nicola Hay 2I am delighted to be working with the CDI as the project associate in Scotland and your new regional rep, which means I will have a seat on the new CDI Council, representing Scottish members. One of my key tasks is to ensure that your voice is heard and that you influence how the CDI develops in Scotland. You will know that the CDI's principle focus is professionalism and professional development and I am keen to ensure that you are able to benefit from being accessing local, rich information and learning opportunities to support your CPD.

Supporting members

The needs of our Scottish members are extremely important to us and we place an emphasis on hearing your voices so we can tailor our provision to meet your needs. To ensure that you are kept informed about the CDI and news within Scotland, we provide a fortnightly email for Scottish members and welcome your feedback on it. You have already been busy sending in a number of suggestions which the CDI team very much appreciate. Please keep sending any newsworthy items that you would like us to include to

Nicola will also be running our CDI Scotland LinkedIn members only group where you can network virtually and keep up to date with the latest news and views.

CPD Webinars

Free webinars and a monthly CPD newsletter are part of your membership benefits package. To book your place and receive the joining link simply fill in the standard booking form which can be found in the events section of the website (you can join any of our webinars whether they are led from England, Wales, Scotland or NI).

We believe that all learning journeys should be based on your needs so in March 2019 we will be promoting a training needs CPD survey sent to members to find out what you would like us to do to support you in your work role and what we can do to supplement your employer-led CPD.

Promoting the Sector in Scotland

The plan:

  1. Delivery and further development of CPD opportunities
  2. The establishment of a cross sector forum on careers education, information, advice and guidance in Scotland
  3. Nurturing our current membership body and increasing membership
  4. Influencing and contributing to policy that impacts on the delivery of CEIAG in Scotland by sitting on the Careers Strategy Steering Group with a specific focus on equity of access.


Nicola is available to listen to and represent your views and answer your questions on the CDI in Scotland, please get in touch with her on: Tel:07557 643 622