Conference Resources

This page provides access to a wide range of our Annual Conference and Exhibition resources, including keynote speaker PowerPoint presentations; workshop sessions; the symposia and photographs taken during the event by a professional photographer. 

Conference Presentations

The links below will allow you to download the PowerPoint presentations that were presented at the CDI Annual Conference and Exhibition 2014, split into categories and saved as PDF files to allow for easier downloading and viewing.

The files are downloadable as archived zip files, to reduce your bandwidth requirements and speed up the download process. To download the files, right click on the relevant link below, and choose the Save Link As.. option, and save it somewhere memorable. Once downloaded, you can access the files in two ways. 1; double click the file, which will open it as an accessible folder, or 2; right click on the file, and select Extract All, which will copy all of the presentations to a destination of your choice.

CDI Conference Powerpoints

Presentations from the Keynote Speakers, Day One and Day Two

The CDI Symposium on the National Occupational Standards: Career Development

Workshop Presentations, Day One, 12noon

Workshop Presentations, Day One, 15:00

Workshop Presentations, Day Two, 9:15

If you have any issues downloading or accessing the files, please email

Conference Photographs

Day One Photographs - Slideshow | Library

UKCDA Awards Dinner Photographs - Slideshow | Library

Day Two Photographs - Slideshow | Library

Annual Conference Videos

Class Careers, an online platform that connects students from schools, sixth forms and colleges to employers via live videos, had the fantastic opportunity to record at the Annual Conference. They have produced two videos detailing the event;

Watch the video of the UKCDA Ceremony

Watch the video overview of our Exhibition and Workshops

To access these videos, use the password cdi.

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