Communities of Practice

The CDI currently operates two communities of practice to bring together members to share ideas and information and discuss key topics.

These communities are exclusive to CDI members and are moderated by CDI Associates to ensure the content remains relevant and valuable. 

Career Development Professionals 

Launched in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the CDP community has rapidly grown to include over 1,000 CDI members working in all walks of career development. The community discusses a wide range of topics and members regularly pose questions and requests for help related to their areas of practice. 

The community is hosted on Facebook and welcomes new members. Join and access the Career Development Practitioner Community of Practice. 

Careers Leaders 

The Community of Practice for Careers Leaders was established in 2019 and has steadily grown as a forum for Careers Leaders to network with peers, with over 650 members. As a moderated forum, the Careers Leaders community supports high-quality discussion and opportunities to engage with colleagues. 

The community is hosted in the CDI’s members only area. Join and access the Community of Practice for Career Leaders.