CDI Code of Ethics: Case Studies

Adhering to a Code of Ethics is one of the cornerstones of professional practice. The CDI Code of Ethics, consisting of twelve principles, was drawn up in consultation with members and published in October 2014 and revised to eleven principles in January 2019 by the Professional Standards Committee.. The intent is for it to be used and referred to as a tool to increase and maintain a common trust and understanding of values and beliefs necessary to do our work. 


To support practitioners in the application of these principles, the Professional Standards Committee has produced a Framework which can be used by practitioners as a step-by-step decision making process. This Framework was based on a review of existing ones and is offered as a guide to members in making decisions that affect their practice. The practitioner therefore needs to use it as a guide rather than a definitive answer.

The Framework and Case Studies were consulted upon with members and at a CDI Symposium and a PowerPoint explaining the Framework is available here

Members of the  past and current CDI Professional Standards Committee have used the Framework to produce Case Studies for the following principles and topics. Please note that as of September 2021 these are in the process of being revised. 

  • Equality Case Study - we are reviewing this as part of our focus on EDI.

Your role in using the Framework

Whilst the CDI may be able to offer advice on an ethical dilemma, ultimately every issue needs to be considered in context and involve interested parties. Therefore the Framework and Case Studies are provided here to support you with your own ethical decision making rather than provide definitive answers.

Feedback and further information

We welcome feedback on the Case Studies and any ideas for their further use.  Please contact Claire Johnson 

An article on this subject appeared in the January 2016 edition of Career Matters and provides further information and references for further reading which could be used for your own CPD. Issues of Career Matters are available in the CPD Resources section in the members’ only area.