Career Development Research

Research LogoThe CDI Research Community of Interest is a UK-wide community for careers practitioners and researchers

Want to network with other research-interested practitioners? Interested in accessing research findings and collaborating with researchers? Want to share ideas and resources, and discuss approaches to research issues?

Then this Community is for you. The group welcomes all Career Development Institute (CDI) members who are interested in how research findings could impact their practice, or who engage in research at any level from small-scale and work-based explorations to large, funded projects.

The community will:

  • develop ways of making career development research findings available to CDI members
  • offer support and information for those wishing to engage in research
  • provide a forum for those actively engaged in research
  • develop further the ways that research findings are included in CDI publications and CPD materials
  • draft initial responses on career research issues on behalf of the CDI

To take part in this community, sign up through the dedicated LinkedIn group. Membership is open to all CDI Members who work in or have an interest in career development research, new or experienced.