Career Development Archive

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A group of volunteers have made a conscious effort to collect and classify items of historic interest to the career development sector

These materials are currently held in Stourbridge and include:

  • A library of books, papers and pamphlets dating from the early part of the 20th Century
  • Films, film strips, slides and audio-tapes illustrating the work of the youth employment officers and careers advisors (some now recorded on DVD)
  • An extensive collection of photographs
  • A number of personal collections including information on policy making in the 1920's 1930's, 1940's, and 1950's a complete 1970's careers library, examination papers for the Diploma in Vocational Guidance etc
  • Youth Employment, Careers Officer, Careers Quality magazines and some editions of the Juvenile Employment Officers magazine, together with Policy statements and careers information.


ACEG (Association of Careers Education and Guidance) is a founding member of the CDI.

The History of the Association, Part One 1969-1990 by Ray Heppell, Founder Secretary of NACGT.

The History of the Association, Part Two 1990-2013 by Alan Vincent, with foreword by Tony Watts, OBE.