Career Assured - Quality Award (CPD Activities)

Career Assured Endorsement of CPD Learning Activities

Career Assured Endorsement Application Form

Career Assured Endorsement of CPD Learning Activiites

Endorsement is a process whereby providers can gain a mark of quality from the CDI for their career development related learning activities. Endorsement is for the benefit of the delegates, the learning activity providers and other stakeholders by offering a system which provides quality assurance of CPD learning activities for all those involved.

CDI Career Assured endorsement has been developed to apply to range of continuous professional development activities. These include:

  • Conferences and events
  • Training days  
  • In granting endorsement and use of its Career Assured logo, the CDI is confirming that the content, format and hours involved are appropriate to the subject matter and intended audience.

Benefits of CDI Career Assured Endorsement

Working with the CDI provides a variety of benefits for your organisation from improving your sales, to enhancing your reputation, to joining our CPD community and connecting with other key organisations in the sector.

In gaining endorsement from the CDI the learning activity will benefit from:

Career Assured-logo-2014

  • quality assurance that the learning activity has been reviewed by a CDI CPD Assessor from both an educational perspective and content focused perspective and is thus considered appropriate for CPD by the CDI;
  • quality assurance that the activity is in line with relevant National Occupational Standards in Career Development and/or Leadership and Management;
  • the use of the CDI Career Assured endorsement logo for the duration of the endorsement. This logo can be used on certificates of attendance and marketing material;
  • added value for delegates in the currency of the training due to the CDI Career Assured endorsement logo, a recognised mark of quality;
  • free listing in CDI News by Email, a fortnightly email sent to all 4500 CDI members. The learning activity will be listed once, upon approval of the endorsement application;
  • free listing under Career Assured training on the CDI website and a link to this via the CPD Resources area where members look for CPD of relevant to their needs.

Duration of Endorsement

Endorsement is awarded for each individual learning activity, for the number of times it is delivered during a year from the date of endorsement. For re-endorsement only the endorsement fee will apply provided that no significant changes have been made to the content. If a re-endorsement fee is not paid then the Career Assured logo must be removed from all materials.

The CDI guidelines for logo usage must be followed at all times and the logo cannot be used without prior consent.


Payment of fees will comprise two parts, an application fee which is non-refundable and an endorsement fee if the application is successful. The endorsement fee is payable after the application has been assessed and is payable before the logo is released and the learning activity advertised by the CDI.

 One Event
 Two or more events

Application fee = £250 + VAT

Endorsement fee = £200 + VAT

Application fee = £250 + VAT per event

Endorsement fee = £150 + VAT per event

Terms of Endorsement

The CDI reserves the right to withdraw endorsement if there:

  • are any significant changes to content;
  • are any significant changes to the delivery format;
  • is failure to disclose significant changes to presenters;
  • is misuse of the CDI Career Assured logo
  • are concerns raised regarding the learning activity. A judgement will be taken only after full investigation.
  • the content has become out of date.

Applying for Endorsement

Please complete the Career Assured Endorsement Application Form electronically and send by email, together with the required additional documentation, to