CDI Elections 2014

Voting will now close Monday 7 April at 17.00

In line with the Articles of Association and Rules of the Company, the voting is now open for the following roles within the CDI Board, Council and Professional Standards Committee.

  • Board Director - without Portfolio | Role Profile
  • Board Director - Honorary Treasurer | Role Profile
  • PSC - Member representing Northern Ireland | Role Profile
  • PSC - Member representing young people constituency | Role Profile
  • Council - Member representing Wales (two-year term) | Role Profile

To read the nominee personal statements and to vote for your preferred candidates please select your home nation from the list below and complete the ballot form (one for each election), already sent to members by email. Once you have completed the forms, please email it marked CONFIDENTIAL.

Vacancies also exist for Council – Member representing Northern Ireland and Vice President.  However, as there have been no nominees for these roles, there are no elections. The Board, PSC and Council will consider a way forward where individuals have not been nominated for vacancies that currently exist to ensure full representation on these important bodies.

If you are a CDI member and have not received ballot forms, please contact the CDI office ASAP

Please note:

  • All members may vote for the Board Director (without Portfolio) and Honorary Treasurer roles.
  • All members may vote for the candidate(s) standing for PSC representing the young people constituency.
  • Only members in NI can vote for the representative(s) standing to fill the PSC vacancy for NI.
  • Only members in Wales can vote for the representative(s) standing to fill the Council vacancy representing Wales.

Home Nations

Northern Ireland

Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like any more information, or have any questions about the election process, download our helpful Elections FAQs  .