Supporting Students in Careers in Football

FRIDAY 1 FEBRUARY 2019 - 1600 - 1700 

FRIDAY 10 MAY 2019 - 1600 - 1700 

'Working with young people who want to be professional footballers sometimes can be difficult. They have one goal of being a professional and don't want to consider any alternatives as it might interfere with their destination. 


The percentages of young people who make it as professionals is less than 1% so it is important that we start having these conversations and helping them develop alternative plans and Plan Bs.


Careers in Football has vast experience of working with young people who have aspirations of becoming professional footballers (in schools/colleges and in professional football clubs) and in this webinar we will provide an insight into how to constructively have these conversations and engage the young people in alternative options.


The session will be full of statistics, facts and information that you can use and will also feature a q&a session if you have any questions.

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