Reflecting on Your Practice: Improving Conversations with Clients (Free Webinar)

Tuesday 6th March 2018 12:30 - 13:15


Have you ever had conversations when the other person suddenly becomes resistant and sceptical for no apparent reason?

Do your clients seem more open and trusting at some moments than others?

This session will provide insights into why that is and present some strategies for working through those moments successfully with clients. 

Learning Objectives

Attending the webinar will enable you to:

  • Understand three different levels of conversations
  • Access a valuable tool to de-construct your conversations
  • Build greater trust with your clients
  • Collect tips and strategies to share with your clients

This lunchtime webinar will be of benefit to independent career professionals and others working as career specialists or HR consultants. In a discussion facilitated by Valerie Rowles, Jane Owen who has been operating as an independent practitioner in the career coaching space for 15 years, will share insights gained from  “Conversational Intelligence”™, a new lens for viewing conversational dynamics and patterns in the context of neuroscientific discoveries. Jane will explore how she has applied this to her work with clients to catalyze change and grow relationships.

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