Master Class : Achieving a Breakthrough with the “Stuck Client” - The Art of Effective Challenging (Afternoon Session)

Monday 15th October 2018 - Birmingham

Tuesday 15th January 2019 - Cambridge

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Why is challenging so hard to do and do we all too often avoid it as careers advisers? 

Does this mean that in turn we do our clients a disservice?

Do you work with people who seem unable to move on, have unrealistic career ideas, never implement action plans and seem to go round in circles? 

This master class will explore the reasons behind this “stuckness” and look at commonly held unhelpful career beliefs alongside the reasons behind them.  Delegates will explore a range of advanced communication skills, which can be incorporated into the guidance interview, giving the client new insight and the renewed ability to “move on”.

Learning Outcomes

  • To understand the importance of challenging and the consequences of not doing it.
  • To understand the careers adviser’s reluctance to challenging.
  • To understand the cognitive processes which lead to distorted career thinking.
  • To recognise and be able to use a range of tools and communication techniques, when challenging clients in a guidance interview.

Target Audience

This new three-hour intensive master class has been designed to meet the needs of career development practitioners who are keen to improve their career guidance skills, with a view to helping their clients move forward. Whether you work with young people or adults in education, learning, training or employment, this master class will help you to expand and advance your skills.

Please note: If you are staying for both sessions (Master Class 1 and Master Class 2) you will need to bring a packed lunch.

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