How to Start a Careers Advice Business of One

Tuesday 12th February 2019 - Swindon

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Whether you are sorting out your life following redundancy or just ready to explore new ways of working, this practical one-day workshop will get you energised and provide you with powerful resources to support you in career planning.

The day will be split into two halves: the morning is designed to help you better appreciate your talents, abilities and inner motivation. The afternoon will focus on some very practical ideas for action about your future direction.

During the day there will be opportunity to take time out, and explore with fellow members the potential you have and what you can do next, rather than dwelling on what has been lost. Importantly this will provide you with an invaluable opportunity to share and gain support from an experienced employability coach and others looking to establish themselves as private practitioners.

Each delegate will receive a resource pack covering:

  1. Self-employment: what am I getting into?
  2. Personal characteristics: have I got what it takes?
  3. Personal support: what do I need to put in place?
  4. Research & planning: what homework must I do?
  5. Vision & strategy: where am I going? How?
  6. Brand: what do I want my business to reflect?
  7. Finance: what will it cost to run?
  8. Logistics: what details need managing?
  9. External advice: who can help?
  10. Monitoring progress: how will I know I’m succeeding?


Target audience

Although the course has been designed with careers advisers in mind, it will be of value to anyone considering a career change, particularly moving from the public sector to working for yourself – becoming self employed or contemplating setting up a limited company.

Learning outcomes

The workshop will:

  • Explore how you can recognise and maximise your talents 
  • Consider different ways forward as an independent provider 
  • Explore how you can point the best of you at the future you choose to follow 
  • Cover some of the tangibles about working for yourself including accounting, legal, and marketing

What previous delegates say - July 2017

Here is some feedback from, previous events where 100% of the delegates rated the day as good or very good:

  • Great opportunity to network and see others approaching issue from different starting points – structure very good. I feel there is plenty to reflect on and some ‘quick wins’ to put into action. I like the structure of areas to work on and all the links to useful websites etc. I feel more motivated now to get started.
  • Overall, I plan to use the materials to do more personal research and evaluation of current work and opportunities. I will also use the book and follow websites/FB etc. Thank you, David.
  • Very supportive environment. Thank you.
  • A first for me with this kind of event – valued the exertise, tips and advice shared throughout the day. Thank you.
  • David was an excellent facilitator.

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